Arsenal finally cave to pressure

Wenger had initially refused to make any purchases in the transfer market. Fans got depressed, and players started getting disillusioned. Sanchez and Ozil, in particular, had declined to sign a new contract, fearing the club was too complacent for them.

After picking up one point from the first two games, it seems like Wenger decided to appease the fans. In doing so, he has purchased to players for an accumulative fee of $60 million. The players are Mustafi from Valencia and Lucas Perez from Depotivo.

Mustafi was part of a formidable defense that saw Valencia avoid relegation after a torrid midseason. While Perez was a shining light in an otherwise dismal Deportivo season scoring 17 goals, including a stunner against Barcelona.

The two are believed to go straight to the first team, especially Mustafi with two senior center backs out injured. Perez has the versatility to play all across the front three. His pace will be a vital asset up front as Ozil and Carzola can thread, those beautiful balls they are so famous for.

Wenger finally opened up on the two players. “We have worked hard all summer long to make purchases.” He said, defending himself from claims that he made panic buys. “I believe in Mustafi and Perez we have two players of unbelievable potential.”

However, with the rise and rise of young Rob Holding at center back, many believe that Mustafi’s way into the first team may not be as easy. The young English center back has proved experienced and mature beyond his tender years.


Arsenal beat The US All Stars in a friendly

The US has slowly been building its soccer league over the years. The current MLS all-star team has some of the greatest footballers of recent times, including Andres Pirlo, the legendary KAKA, and Didier Drogba. Arsenal is on tour and had carried a blend of youth and experience.

The two teams looked quite balanced on paper and it felt like only something special would win the game. The MLS All-Star team had only lost to only one team from England, Manchester United and had beaten all the rest including Manchester City and Chelsea.

Pirlo started off at his creative best lofting passes from deep in the midfield with implacable precision. However, it took a steady hand from Peter Cech to stop the goal. The Arsenal youngsters were learning quickly from the Italian Midfield general and threaded their long range lofting passes.

The pass landed on Colombian international Joel Campbell, who was then brought down in the penalty box for a penalty. He quickly converted it and breathed new life into what was becoming an energy sipping transfer period for him being linked away from the club.

“I am going to put my head down and work for the team,” Campbell told reporters before the game. “I will fight for my place in the team. I think I was doing well in the games we played last season and I aim to build on this.”

Drogba equalized just before the stroke of half-time as Arsenal defender Debuchy made a defensive error to hand the Ivorian the chance. Arsenal only rescued the game in the 87th minute when a combination of their most talented youngsters stringed a series of passes before Akpom applied the finishing touch with a close range tap in.

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Google data-saving app will now show a map of nearby Wi-Fi

Google’s data saving Android app Datally has received an update, according to Verge. It now gives you more ways to control how you and others use data on your phone. Some new features included in the upgrade include guest mode, which controls how much data someone uses when they borrow your phone, as well daily date usage limits for yourself. Datally launched in November, with the idea of helping people in markets with limited data.

“Daily limits” is the new feature that helps you manage your data consumption. It allows you to set quotas on how much data you can use per day. If you tend to run out of data before the end of a billing cycle, this option might help conserve data so that you don’t run out before the end of the cycle.

“Guest Mode” is used to conserve the amount of data used by someone who may be borrowing your phone. This might be useful for families that share one phone, or if you need to lend it to a friend. Another new feature is notifications to show how much data unused apps are draining from your phone. Even apps that you haven’t opened for a month may still be costing you data.

Lastly, Datally will now provide a map of nearly Wi-Fi networks. Previously, Datally could only suggest Wi-Fi zones, but it had no way of directing you there. These features launch today, and may be useful for people who do not have unlimited plans.

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Are Ford and GM about to blast off?

The U.S. economy continues to accelerate, and it means the big Detroit automakers may finally be able to really see some growth.

With May sales data about to be released, investors are waiting anxiously to see if automakers will meet expectations to achieve near record revenues totals, which would allow the automaking industry to overcome product recalls and poor growth and blast off, according to a Business Standard report.

Financial experts estimate that a total of 1.6 million new cars and trucks were sold in May, which would be a seasonally-adjusted rate of 17.4 million vehicles — that would be one of the best months ever.

May sales revenues could be close to $40 billion, the most since August 2014 which had $40.3 billion in sales.

April sales were weak, but May is expected to be a big rebound month, and lower gas prices could cause consumers to flock to higher-profit sport utility vehicles and trucks. There’s also more demand for new vehicles, as consumers look to shed their aging cars that they’ve had to keep a hold on during the financial crisis and open up their pocketbooks for a gleaming new set of wheels. The average car is about a decade old, according to the report.

The fact that there was a full week after Memorial Day that fell in the month of May will also help sales figures.

Meanwhile, auto loan credit is continuing to expand, a positive growth indicator for the industry.

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Are Airpods a ‘runaway success’?

According to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, AirPods have been a great success so far. They have been a big hit to the point Apple cannot keep up with the orders, and they(Apple), are running at full capacity to make the AirPods as fast as they can to meet increased demand.

That could be true by all indications on the ground as Apple is running on a six-week delay in shipping, and that was just one week after the launch. That delay has continued to date, and even in-house product pickups for AirPods have been pushed to mid- February when they will be available again.

But that does not necessarily mean they have been a success. The ability of how many units Apple is manufacturing the AirPod is what counts and at what rate. If the rate is slow, delays will be encountered even for a demand of a few units.

Apart from Apple, no independent source has any figures that show AirPod is a great success and efforts to request for exact numbers from Apple have been futile. Apple could also not provide information whether, in their next earnings release, Airpod figures would feature.

This is usually intentional, though, and it can be used to mask failures without necessarily going public. Particularly when new technology, which is a usually a first is concerned. That is how Apple has been working lately. If the figures are made public, it is because Apple has done well. If they do not avail the numbers, your guess is as good as mine over what might have transpired.

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Gmail messages ‘read by human third parties’

Google confirms private emails sent and received by Gmail users may be read by third-party app developers. Users with connected third-party apps may have unconsciously provided human staff permission to read private email messages.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the misrepresented permission allows employees of third-party apps to read users’ emails. An internal source explained to the newspaper how messages are typically processed by computer algorithms, resulting in several company employees reading “thousands” of email messages.

Edison Software revealed to the Wall Street Journal the premises for reviewing emails of hundreds of users as “building a new software feature”.

Firm eDataSource Inc additionally confirmed that engineers had previously reviewed emails to improve its algorithms.

As the practice was covered by their user agreements, the companies said they had not asked users for specific permission to read their Gmail messages.

“You can spend weeks of your life reading terms and conditions,” said Prof Alan Woodward from the University of Surrey. “It might well be mentioned in there, but it’s not what you would think of as reasonable, for a human being in a third-party company to be able to read your emails.”

In a statement, Google says vetted organizations are the only permitted companies that may access messages, and only if users had “explicitly granted permission to access email”.


Global carbon emissions rise as a result of coal revival

In circumventing the critical impacts of climate change, Wednesday’s published BP Statistical Review of World Energy analysis of global carbon dioxide emissions further indicates worldwide failure to reach the initiatives imposed by the Paris agreement.

Spencer Dale, the BP’s chief economist, told the Guardian that the globe’s emissions rise was “slightly worrying” and a “pretty big backward step.”

“It suggests to me we are not on a path to the Paris climate goals,” he added.

The report highlighted how the world’s fuel mix has “strikingly” not changed in the last 20 years.

“I am more worried by the lack of progress in the power sector over the past 20 years than by the pickup in carbon emissions last year,” Dale noted to the Guardian.

The report unveiled how the increase in greenhouse gas emissions was driven by a 2.2 percent increase in global energy demand last year, as well as increased coal consumption for the first time in four years, led by growing demand in India and China.

“Together, China and India accounted for nearly half of the increase in global carbon emissions,” a press release for the study stated. “EU emissions were also up (1.5 percent) with just Spain accounting for 44 percent of the increase in EU emissions.”

In contrast, emissions declines were led by the United State (-0.5 percent)—the third year in a row that the nation’s emissions declined, although the fall was the smallest over those three years. The UK and Denmark reported the lowest carbon emissions in their history.

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Google accelerates machine learning into ad tools

Google Inc. unveiled new machine learning products Tuesday at its Google Marketing Live show, including the greatest changes to how search ads are made.

Rather than manually developing, testing, and optimizing text ads for search, Responsive search ads will use machine learning to immediately determine the best-performing combination among 15 headlines and four description lines supplied by the advertiser.

Google reports that it will continuously optimize based on what appears to be most relevant to the user.

The company’s Maximize lift product offers a bidding strategy to marketers who want to drive higher brand lift on YouTube instead of other KPIs, such as conversions or view-through rate. With an assist from machine learning, Maximize lift tweaks marketers’ video-ad bids in real time to improve lift in awareness, ad recall, consideration, and favorability.

Google also supports marketers use machine learning to increase store visits. Google previously offered local ad formats, but now Local campaigns apply machine learning to a business’s location and creative to enhance ads to drive customers into stores.

Marketers using Google’s Smart Shopping campaigns, which was introduced in early 2018, will now be able to also use the tool to optimize for two additional business goals: store visits and new customers. Within a few weeks, marketers will be able to create and manage Smart Shopping campaigns directly from Shopify.

Cross-device reporting and remarketing in Google Analytics reports will combine data from users who visit a site multiple times using different devices so businesses can get a consolidated look at how users behave on their sites, regardless of the device they’re using. Reports will only display aggregated data from users who have agreed to share it; individual user data will not be shared.

Hotel campaigns will allow travel and hotel advertisers to use machine learning to maximize bookings.

Google Measurement Partners new program has 23 new and existing partnerships across areas such as viewability, brand lift, and brand safety.

Partners include Integral Ad Science and Double Verify for viewability, verification and brand safety, and Nielsen and IRI for sales lift and marketing-mix modeling.

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Charlie Sheen claims he’s been blacklisted

Charlie Sheen says that he has been blacklisted in Hollywood and requested that a judge cut down the $75,000 he pays in child support each month as a result, according to the New York Daily News.

“I have been unable to find steady work and have been blacklisted from many aspects of the entertainment industry,” he said in both his divorce proceedings from wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller and in the child-support paperwork.

Sheen listed his most recent monthly income as $37,631 and said that he owes the IRS nearly $5 million and is behind on his mortgage by $26,973. His total net worth in real estate and property, excluding about $1.25 million in cash on hand, stocks, and bonds, totaled $4.6 million.

In the filing, Sheen’s lawyer said that his client’s income had decreased significantly over the past two years in particular.

“The absence of opportunities in the entertainment industry has developed into a dire financial crisis for him,” his lawyer wrote.

Court-issued rulings on Wednesday ordered that Sheen and both of his ex-wives share financial information in the case, and a hearing has been set for mid-September.

Sheen married Richards in 2002 and divorced her in 2006, then married Mueller in 2008 and divorced her in 2011. He currently lives with his girlfriend, Julia Stambler, a friend of Mueller’s who has reportedly been a good influence on the formerly hard-partying star.

Sheen used to be one of the highest-paid television actors, making $1.8 million per episode of Two and a Half Men before a 2011 public meltdown in which he trash-talked the show’s creator Chuck Lorre.


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Charity changes name to distance self from Kanye West

Donda’s House, a charity that is named after Kanye West’s mother and focused on providing arts education to children in Chicago, announced that it would be changing its name on Sunday.

The decision came in the wake of a public feud among Kanye West, hip hop artist Rhymefest — who co-founded Donda’s House — and rapper Drake.

West produced and recently released “Infared” by Pusha T, and the song accuses Drake of using a ghostwriter for his songs. Drake responded in a diss track, “Duppy Freestyle,” and posted an invoice on Instagram for $100,000 addressed to West’s music label G.O.O.D. Music for for “promotional assistance and career reviving” following the track’s popularity.

Rhymefest, whose real name is Che Smith, tweeted a plea to Drake after he saw the invoice. “@Drake when G.O.O.D. Music sends the money they owe you, will you please help us rebuild Kanye’s mothers house for the youth of Chicago,” the tweet read. “I spoke to Kanye about it. His response was ‘f— the youth of Chicago.’”

Kim Kardashian West also got involved, responding to Rhymefest and saying that her husband couldn’t sustain the charity alone, and needed more support from Rhymefest to ensure its success. She offered to remove Rhymefest from his responsibilities at Donda’s House and run the charity herself.

Rhymefest countered by offering to dissolve the entire organization before it responded, writing in a statement that Kardashian West’s social media posts and expressed interest in running the charity ultimately led to the name change decision.