9 Amazing Spring Break Hot Spots

White sand, crystal-clear water, nonstop entertainment. all of which is provided by mega-resorts like Atlantis make the Bahamas a must for any traveler.

Las Vegas
It’s more than the Strip. The Las Vegas scene may not be tropical, but it’s certainly a must go for anyone looking to party. During Spring Break Vegas goes wild and every day is a good day to party poolside at the MGM Grand’s newly renovated Wet Republic.

Dominican Republic
Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is remains a haven for pristine beaches, all-inclusive accommodations, and bustling nightlife beyond anything else in the Caribbean.

LMFAO’s “I’m in Miami Trick” could be your spring break soundtrack in South Beach. The posh nightlife and pricey drinks more than made up for by the hot spot’s accessibility.

Puerto Vallarta
For those craving a Mexican getaway on a budget, Puerto Vallarta’s bars, beach parties and hidden coves are your best bet. Anything else and you’re wasting time (and money).

Daytona Beach
While spring break in Daytona Beach may seem from a bygone era, its bikini contests, cheap rooms and miles of beaches you can drive on make it the classic road trip destination.

South Padre Island
South Padre Island, Texas, usually attracts families, but during the month of March its party scene is better suited for coeds and fraternity brothers.

Panama City Beach
In years past, Panama City Beach, Florida, has called on celebs such as the Jersey Shore cast to lend their party scene some credibility. However, now the city is offering the same package to tourists.

Negril, Jamaica, is known for its party vibe, but not too much partying. This is a spot where you can enjoy water activities (and drinks) day and night, all while enjoying the sound of the ocean.