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Standing desks a feature now for all Apple employees

Apple CEO Tim Cook says sitting is the “new cancer.”

According to Fox Business, Apple CEO Tim Cook has for years professed that sitting is the “new cancer.” Each employee at Apple now has a standing desk at the company’s headquarters in California.  In an interview with Bloomberg, Cook stated that he wanted all of his employees to have a standing desk, and that the health benefits are overwhelming.

According to Cook, “If you can stand for a while, then sit, and so on and so forth, it’s much better for your lifestyle.” Although Cook hasn’t disclosed the model of the desks, they are able to switch between sitting and standing with the touch of the button, and the use of the desk in standing position is not compulsory.

Cook is passionate about getting people moving, and reminds people that they should stand and move throughout the day. The Apple watches have been designed to instruct users and employees to stand or walk every hour for this reason, implemented three years ago.

Dr. Robert Glatter told of Lenox Hill Hospital told Fox Business that sitting too long allows toxins to accumulate throughout your body. He recommends that people who sit a lot should practice good posture, and get up five to six times every hour, at a minimum.

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