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AOL’s instant messenger returns as AIM Phoenix

With no affiliation with AOL, the Instant Messenger AIM returns as AIM Phoenix, with an opportunity for old username acquisition.

Popular messaging application AOL Instant Messenger, from the late 90s and early 2000s, has reemerged as AIM Phoenix, without AOL association.

AIM operates through the same corresponding AOL software while controlled by Wildman Productions, a non-profit gaming development team.

Users will have no access to old buddy lists or messages due to the dissolved affiliation with AOL. Nonetheless, there is an opportunity to obtain the username or old credentials before the acquirement by another user.

When launched in 1997, AIM was a staple of personal computers. Created as an extension of AOL’s desktop software, the instant messaging client helped to revolutionize the way people interact online. The service’s popularity declined as social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter took over the online social scene.

AOL only officially shut down the service late last year, citing a “cultural shift” in the way people communicate.

Users may download the old version from the AIM Phoenix website where a prompt to choose from 10 different release options spanning from 1.0 to AIM Lite will appear.

Opting for the Lite version allows users to choose from nine different themes including Gray Moose, RedBull, and Pink Sparkles.

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