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Apple combines AI and Siri teams under Giannandrea

Apple innovates an AI/ML team that integrated Core ML and Siri teams under John Giannandrea.

Apple has confirmed its combined Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning team will be led by former Google AI head, John Giannandrea,

Giannandrea’s 2018 new position with Apple stems from his tenure at Google, in which he led the Machine Intelligence, Research and Search teams. Additionally, he founded Metaweb Technologies, Tellme, and served as a senior engineer at General Magic, the legendary company founded by Apple team members in 1989.

Notably, the internal structures of the Siri and Core ML teams will remain the same, according to Apple reports.

The company’s internal structure will remain integrated across the organization as strategies disperse the teams to various projects, including developer tools, mapping, and Core OS.

As Artificial Intelligence remains central to Apple’s efforts and initiatives, Giannandrea demonstrates the ability to maintain the integration.

“The haphazard way that Siri has lurched forward has got to get smoothed out if Apple is going to make a huge play for improvements in the same way that it’s doing with Maps,” Matthew Panzarino notes from TechCrunch.

He adds, “I think at some point there was a realization that doing AI/ML heavy lifting with the additional load of maintaining user data privacy was enough to carry without having to also maintain several different stacks for its ML tools. Recent releases like Create ML are external representations of the work that Apple’s ML teams are doing internally, but that work is still too fragmented. Creating a new org sends a clear message that everyone should be on the same page about what masters they serve.”

In consideration of Maps, Apple will continue to build out its two-sided AI/ML teams that focus on general computation in the cloud and personalized, data-sensitive computation locally on devices. With more than 1 billion devices in use, Apple is in the process of building one of the largest edge computing AI networks.

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