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Voice e-commerce inflection premieres at Amazon Prime Day 2018

Amazon is positioned to sell numerous Alexa-powered devices on Prime Day 2018, including a unique shopping experience for Alexa products through the Alexa ordering system.

Amazon Prime Day is scheduled for July 16, with a targeted goal towards massive deals and a new addition to voice e-commerce.

Noted as one of the most significant e-commerce days of the year, Amazon’s Echo Show will garner a plethora of interest and sales, particularly as the company markets its own brands throughout Prime Day.

Amazon’s private label brands, Whole Foods, and Alexa devices are all are set to be a major part of the Prime Day deals.

Last year’s Prime Day helped launch what turned out to be an “Alexa everywhere” strategy that put multiple Echos in homes nationwide. Additionally, the Christmas shopping season furthered Amazon’s Alexa plan.

Voice e-commerce, through Prime Day devices or as an actual shopping method, will be one of the bigger themes to observe through the electronic commerce and cloud computing Seattle-based company. Given that Echo Show recently became available for Amazon video platforms, the Prime Day event will undoubtedly place more Alexa and voice product into homes.

There are two distinct marketing sides to the Amazon Prime Day 2018 event. On one side, Amazon will be promoting Alexa-powered devices. In addition, Amazon will be encouraging e-commerce through Alexa.

PR firm Walker Sands Communications has projected that as much as 19 percent of consumers may place orders via Alexa.

“As consumers become more comfortable integrating voice into their daily lives, commerce is set to grow in popularity. But barriers to adoption still exist. When asked what might prevent them from shopping via voice, consumers note concerns about security (45 percent), privacy (42 percent) and a lack of visuals like images and videos (35 percent),” the PR firm explains in a blog post on July 13.

According to annual sales reports and the increase of voice technology, it remains unclear whether Amazon Prime Day can continue to be the biggest e-commerce sales event year after year. However, the inflection point in voice interfaces may be viable for Amazon.

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