Top 10 Free Things to do in Miami

It is not uncommon to rub shoulders with some of the world’s highest-paid actresses or drive by Shakira’s mansion as you drive to work.

Miami is a complex hub of people. It is not uncommon to rub shoulders with some of the world’s highest-paid actresses or drive by Shakira’s mansion as you drive to work. Whilst Miami is the land of FREE for models and Instagram personalities, for the commoners among us, it can be costly keeping yourself entertained in this expensive city. If you do your homework, however, you can find a range of free things to see and do in sunny Miami. The fun doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

10. Beach (obviously)
This first one is brought to you by captain obvious but is still worth mentioning. People visit your city from all over the world, just to do something that you can access 24/7, 365 days a year. Miami beaches are considered some of the world’s best, and a great way to pass the time. You can pack yourself a wonderful picnic and spend the day enjoy the surf and sand. If you are a local, you have the advantage of knowing the cleanest, non-touristy beaches. If you are wanting to live like a tourist, you can go to the beaches near the hotels and enjoy the live music and beach parties in the area.

9. Museum Tour
If you are in downtown Miami, you can hit up a few museums, and spend the day marveling at the art on display. The MDC Museum of Art and Design and the Institute of Contemporary Art have free year-round entry. The Perez museum does offer free entry on the first Thursday and second Saturday of each month. If you are looking for a full gallery experience, the Wolfsonian offers free admission on Friday evenings, from 6-9pm, and this includes access to films, talks, as well as their drink specials

8. Venture Cafe
For those looking for free networking, Venture Cafe is an innovative space for you. Every Thursday, they host a gathering of entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and anyone in between to change the climate of business and innovation in the city. You can expect to discuss, listen to talks, and share some free drinks with the rest of the people in attendance. A great event for young minds.

7. Ball and Chain
This cool location is home to some of the best music in Miami and is definitely one of the best bars in the city. It is a historic jazz club that was restored and constructed to look like a cut-half-open pineapple. Here, you can enjoy free live music – the Ball and Chain hosts over 80 hours of free concerts per week, which are held on the back patio bandshell. This is a great location to chill out and discover local music.

6. Miami Comedy
With a city as diverse as Miami, you are guaranteed to find some great stand-up comedy, with great comedians from all walks of life. There are plenty of free comedy shows in Miami, with many venues hosting once-a-month free comedy nights. You can check out the respective website for Yo Space and Gallery, 305 Brews, and Concrete Beach – just some of the popular venues offering free comedy nights.

5. New World Movie Night
Head to The New World Symphony for a movie night. You can periodically find showings of classic movies, which are shown on the wall of the New World performance hall. All you need to bring is your blanket and snacks. This is a popular activity and especially great outing for families.

4. Little Havana Cultural Fridays
The last Friday of each month is a true celebration in Little Havana. During the day, Little Havana is fun, but it truly comes alive in the night time. On each last Friday of the month, you can expect lively streets filled with dancing, Cuban art, dominoes cages, cigars, and plenty of mojitos. This is a great date night activity where you can immerse yourself in Miami Cuban culture and enjoy the best that Little Havana has to offer.

3. Bayfront Park Yoga
For the yogis or those who would like to try yoga without breaking the bank, you can head to Bayfront Park on Monday and Wednesday at 6 pm, and Saturday at 9 am. Classes are held at the Tina Hills pavilion by qualified instructors – all you need is your mat, and a mate if you so, please. This is great free activity to do after work with a friend, and an opportunity to make new friends in the city!

2. Little Haiti
Haitian make up a large population of Miami, and it is only right that there is a Haitian celebration in the city. Every third Friday, Little Haiti hosts a celebratory night, where the Little Haiti Cultural Center is filled with music, performances, dancing, food and, good times. This is a free event (although donations are welcome) where you can experience the beauty that is Haitian culture.

1. Wood Tavern Tacos
The best was definitely saved until last. If you are looking for free (AMAZING) food, Wood Tavern is the place to be. On Tuesdays from 6-9pm, Wood tavern serves up tasty FREE tacos to any patrons of the bar. You can eat your heart out for three hours. It is recommended to tip the taco makers, but the tacos themselves are absolutely free.

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