Top 10 Places in the World to Honeymoon

It’s not easy, to be sure, but we’ve compiled a top 10 list of some incredible places to honeymoon that should narrow it down.

Ah, the honeymoon. It’s the perfect excuse for a one or two week getaway to some of the most beautiful places on the planet. But after you tie the knot with your partner, how on Earth do you choose your destination after you leave the chapel and head to the airport? It’s not easy, to be sure, but we’ve compiled a top 10 list of some incredible places to honeymoon that should narrow it down.

10. Fiji

The Royal Davui Island Resort might be the most amazing place to spend a night on the planet. You can only access it by way of a helicopter or a speedboat, and it’s the ultimate getaway for anyone on their honeymoon. The all-inclusive resort has 16 villas on 10 acres surrounded by the most beautiful paradise environment you can imagine.

9. Bali, Indonesia

There’s so much Bali has to offer, from towering mountain ranges to pristine beaches. Bali has long been a popular honeymoon spot, especially the Komaneka Resort, a collection of boutique hotels nestled in the tropical rainforest in the Campuhan River valley in Ubud.

8. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The sight of bungalows on wooden posts suspended over crystal clear waters is certainly breathtaking — now imagine having your honeymoon there. The Four Seasons Resort has newlyweds in mind at their property, offering romantic activities for couples such as breakfast delivered via canoe, sunset cruises, and a beach dinner.

7. Maasai Mara, Kenya

For honeymooners in more of an adventurous spirit, there’s Cottars Safari Camp in Kenya’s Maasai Mara game reserve. This property caters to romantic couples, offering luxurious tents and both day and night game-drives to see lions, elephants, and other African wildlife in their natural habitat. There’s even guided bush walks and Maasai warrior training.

6. Tsarabaanjina, Madagascar

It’s hard to say the name of this place, but it’s not hard to enjoy yourself on this small island near Africa’s largest island. Crystal clear water and soft beaches, along with incredible coral and marine life offshore, make this place an awesome honeymooning spot that’s a bit unexpected and unique.

5. Cusco, Peru

For another unique option, there’s the Belmond Hotel Monasterio in Peru, which is a former monastery built all the way back in 1592. The building has been turned into a beautiful resort with decked-out rooms and suites. It also offers transportation to Machu Pichu via the Belmond Hiram Bingham train.

4. St. Lucia

This Caribbean island has a reputation for being a paradise, and it does not disappoint. To truly soak up what St. Lucia has to offer, book a room at the Jade Mountain Resort, which offers privacy and breathtaking views. They offer plenty of packages for honeymooners looking for the ultimate in luxury.

3. Bruges, Belgium

You may know this quaint European town for the film “In Bruges” starring Colin Farrell, but it’s also a fantastic place to honeymoon. The city offers a romantic, medieval environment, and lots of cafes, castles, and canals that are just waiting to be explored by adventurous couples.

2. Mallorca, Spain

This town is in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains, where you’ll be surrounded by olive and citrus groves, and truly feel away from it all. Honeymooners can take a picnic to the top of one of the ancient terraces of teh Belmond La Residencia, or dine al fresco while gazing out over the Mediterranean.

1. Santorini, Greece

There are no bluer waters than the sun-kissed surface of the Mediterranean in Greece, and there’s no better place to enjoy the view than in Santorini. A beautiful resort named Canaves Oia, which is carved into the surrounding cliff side, offers incredible romantic moments and astonishing views of the ocean. It’s the perfect place to disconnect from the world around you and gaze into your lover’s eyes as you enjoy dinner with a Mediterranean breeze flowing around you.

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