There is a cure for hangovers discover

Two Yale students have the pain of hangovers into a passion, and have developed a patent-pending anti-hangover formula that they say is ‘based on science.’

Called SunUp, the supplement comes in powder form. Consumers mix it with water and drink before heading out for a long night of consuming alcohol.

The product’s ingredients work together to break down toxic molecules in the liver, balances the user’s glutamine levels, and arm the body with electrolytes which provide uplift to the body before and after consumption of alcohol.

SunUp is the invention of Margaret Morese, a senior molecular, cellular and developmental biology major at Yale, and Liam McClintok, a senior D1 athlete involved in Greek life at Yale.

On their Indigogo page, the team said that according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hangovers cost the United States over $200 billion. The figures represent about $1.37 each drink consumed by Americans.

“Together, with your help, we are aiming to prevent the damaging effects of alcohol on the body, terrible feelings of a hangover, and productivity lost due to alcohol hangovers,” the team said.

The ingredients in SunUp have each undergone independent testing in independent studies, to prove they have the ability to increase the rate of alcohol clearance and active defense against alcohol toxicity.

Instead of using the ingredients separately, Morese and McClintock combined them into the ultimate hangover killing formula.

According to the team, SunUp comes in a citrus flavored packet of all natural ingredients that dissolves into a glass of water.

Their campaign is seeking $20,000 and has so far secured over 50% of the amount.

For a $5 pledge, consumers in the US will receive a single package of SunUp.


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Human-like gadgets can offer relief from loneliness in the short term

New research has shown that conversations with human-like personal assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa can offer short-term relief from feelings of loneliness.

A team of researchers from the University of Kansas found that people who felt socially excluded – and who would ordinarily take steps to address this – did not feel compelled to do so after interacting with anthropomorphic devices.

The scientists employed a Roomba vacuum cleaner which had specially designed to appear as if it was smiling.

In the study, the participants were also asked to think about their phone in human-like terms, thinking about questions such as ‘how much does it help you.’

During four experiments, the subjects were made to feel socially isolated, while the scientists monitored their responses.

The researchers noted that rather than seeking out ordinary human interactions, participants who had interacted with the devices were content with the comfort they provided.

To establish feelings of loneliness, participants were asked to recall and write about a point in their lives when they felt excluded.

Alternatively, the test subjects played an online game of ‘catch’ in which other participants stopped throwing them the ball and chose others after a few initial tosses.

The study participants believed they were playing with real people online, while in reality, the other players were computer programs designed to leave them out of the game.

“If someone notices they are talking more to Siri lately, maybe that has something to do with feeling lonely,” said Dr. Jenny Olson, one of the three authors of the study.

Lead author Dr. James Mourey added that: “Alexa isn’t a perfect replacement for your friend Alexis.”

The findings could help companies design products and services which can increase the well-being of people experiencing loneliness.



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Emma Thompson attacks Hollywood for pressuring women to lose weight

Emma Thompson has criticized Hollywood for the pressure it puts on female actors to be thin.

Thompson revealed that she almost quit ‘Brideshead Revisited’ because the film’s producers asked another actor to lose weight.

Thompson made the comments during an interview on a Swedish talk show after another guest on the show brought up the issue of weight loss.

The Hollywood star refused to reveal the name of the actor who was asked to lose weight, but confirmed she confronted the producers over the issue.

“Actresses who are in their 30s simply don’t eat, ” she said.
‘Brideshead Revisited’ was released in 2008 and starred Thompson, Ben Whishaw, and Hayley Atwell. The film was an adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s novel of the same name. Other female actors in the flick included Felicity Jones and Greta Scacchi.

During the interview, Thompson also joked that Hollywood’s obsession with weight issues is the reason she chose not to live there.

The actor also criticized the fashion industry, especially the French one, which promised to get rid of ‘size zero’ but did not.

“There are some subjects you have to keep noises about because it’s so tedious, and it’s gone on and on,” Thompson said.

Thompson has crafted a reputation as a keen proponent of human rights in the past. In a letter to British publication the Guardian last year, she urged London voters to support the Women’s Equality Party in the city’s mayoral election.

In the letter, Thompson said that her reason for backing the Women’s Equality Party is because she does not want to die without closing the pay gap.

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Eric Clapton cancels Los Angeles shows due to bronchitis

Rock legend Eric Clapton has been forced to cancel two gigs in Los Angeles at short notice, citing ‘severe bronchitis’ as the reason.

The legendary rocker, lauded by many as one of the world’s greatest guitarists, said he was ‘very sorry’ for having to postpone the shows following doctor’s orders.

“Due to severe bronchitis and under doctor’s advisement, Eric Clapton is rescheduling this weekend’s two shows at The Forum in Los Angeles,” read a statement released on the singer’s behalf.

The statement went on to say that the ‘Tears in Heaven’ hitmaker is sorry is sorry to disappoint his followers, but is looking forward to three shows.

The Saturday, March 25 will now be held Wednesday, September 13, while the Sunday, March 26 show will be held Monday, September 18.

The statement asked ticket holders to retain their tickets for the new dates, or if they so wish, get a refund at the point of sale.

Although the announcement left Eric’s supporters disappointed, many wished him a speedy discovery.

The musician has previously revealed he suffers from peripheral neuropathy, which is a potentially career-ending ailment for guitarists.

The disease makes it difficult to play the guitar, as it affects nerves in the body’s extremities. The disease can cause numbness as well as sharp pains.

In 2013, Clapton canceled concerts, citing back pains. The following year, he announced he was considering retiring from music.

Clapton, also known for hits such as ‘Wonderful Tonight’ his rendition of Bob Marley’s classic ‘I Shot the Sherrif’, rose to fame with the Yardbirds in the early 1960s.

He later formed Cream with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker.

The superstar went on to create a successful career spanning over five decades.

Clapton has released 22 solo studio albums, and he is the only three-time inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.



TI and Tiny might be reconciling

A source close to T.I. and Tiny said that the two may be reconciling their marriage.

Rapper, Clifford “T.I.” Harris and Tameka “Tiny” Harris, have been going through a highly public divorce. During the divorce, T.I. has been sleeping in a separate bedroom from Tameka. He was also photographed with and rumored to have begun a relationship with video vixen, Bernice Burgos. The relationship led to a social media spat between Tiny and Burgos during which Tiny called Burgos a “pass around” and Burgos claimed that the marriage had been over for some time. Now it seems that T.I. may be getting back in the good graces of his estranged wife.

“Tiny and T.I. aren’t out of the woods just yet,” said the source to Hollywood News. “He’s been sleeping in a separate bedroom for the last few weeks, but got tired of that and now has taken his game to a whole new level and is thinking outside the box to make Tiny understand that he loves her. A few nights ago she was in bed and Tip was on the floor beneath her, on his knees, begging her to let him sleep next to her. He going in, telling Tiny how he misses cuddling with her. How he misses kissing her cheek in the middle of the night and having her head on his chest. She was trying so hard to resist him but gave in and now they’re back sleeping in the same bed. TIP knows he’s got a lot of making up to and that this road to making his wife happy is going to be a long one.”

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Square, a Bluetooth payment method, launched in the UK

Making card payments in the United Kingdom is about to get easier after a new Bluetooth device was launched.

Square – set up by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey- makes it possible for traders to receive payments via Smartphone and tablets.

The service – which is targeted at small and medium-sized businesses – is easy to set up and not exorbitant

Square works by connecting a Bluetooth card reader to a mobile device. The Bluetooth card reader costs 39 pounds ($48).

The Bluetooth then communicates with a free app that processes the communication securely.

The service accepts payments from Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

It can also accept payments direct from mobile devices using the Apple Pay and Android Pay Apps, using the NFC tech applied in contactless cards.

Square charges 1.75 percent transaction for face-to-face payments and 2.5 percent for distance transactions.

The service was unveiled by Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey at an event on Wednesday morning.

The launch was hosted by one of Square’s first United Kingdom customers, the Soho Piano Bar.

Square went public in 2015. The service already operates in Canada, Japan, Australia as well as the United States.

The San Francisco Company has been trying to get a foothold in the UK market over the past year.

According to the company, the average British citizen carries less than 25 pounds ($31) in cash, while 70 percent of the country’s shoppers prefer to pay by card.

However, Square estimates that about 50 percent of the United Kingdom’s 5.4 million businesses do not yet accept card payments.

“We look forward to working alongside the millions of entrepreneurs and thriving small and medium-sized businesses across the UK, especially those who do not yet take card payments,” Dorsey said during the launch.


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Beyonce’s dad, Mathew Knowles, is sued for failing to clear a legal bill

Beyonce Knowle’s father has been accused of defrauding his former lawyers up to $50, 000 for refusing to pay a legal bill.

According to a filed lawsuit, Mathew Knowles is charged with having hired Lang Ferrer Law in November last year but later refused to pay them over the course the following months.

The lawsuit says Knowles recruited the firm to represent him and his company, Music World Properties, for an unrevealed legal matter.

In the documents it presented, the law firm claims to show proof that it followed through on its end of the deal and provided legal services worth $ 49, 120.35.

However, the law firm goes on to claim that Knowles was the one who then did not follow through on his side of the deal and that the entire sum of money remains outstanding.

The suit claims that the dereliction of responsibility was a deliberate act by Knowles, and describes it as: “Part of a ruse to secure free legal services.”

The suit then goes ahead to accuse Knowles of holding a secret auction over Super Bowl weekend in Houston this year. The producer sold off memorabilia and other items from his time managing Beyonce and the now defunct music group, Destiny’s Child.

The firm’s lawyer in the matter was aware of the sale ahead of time, and a letter sent to Knowles outlined how Lang Ferrer described how the auction would be used to clear his outstanding bill.

“Presumably you are liquidating these items to pay debts, including the amounts due to our client,” the letter sent to Knowles on February 3 read.

The letter then went on to demand ‘immediate payment’ of the nearly $50,000 bill.

It is not yet clear what Lang Ferrer was hired for by Knowles.


Terminally ill student dies soon after having her wish of talking to Beyonce

A United States high school student who was suffering from terminal cancer has died days after talking to singer Beyonce in a video chat from her hospital bed.

According to a spokesperson from Alief Independent school district in Houston, the student, Ebony Banks, died on Saturday night.

The teenager’s classmates started an online campaign before Ebony’s death, to give her a chance to meet her favorite singer.

On Wednesday, the student received a video call from the Grammy winner.

Ebony also received a diploma from her school during a graduation ceremony in the hospital last week.

On Sunday, students gathered at a candlelight vigil to remember Ebony, whose nickname was Ebob.

Videos posted on social media sites show students raising candles to Beyonce’s ‘Halo.’

Last week, Ebony’s friends used the hashtag #EbobMeetsBeyonce in the hopes of attracting Beyonce’s attention.

A few days after the hashtag, the singer, who is married to entrepreneur rapper JayZ, surprised Ebony with a video call.

A recording of the conversation between Beyonce and Ebony appeared on the singer’s fan pages.

Ebony was seen lying in a hospital bed saying “I love you Beyonce,” to which the superstar replies, “I love you.”

In a tweet, the school thanked everyone who helped in making Ebony’s last wish come true.

Meanwhile, Hollywood gossip sites have claimed that Beyonce is staying away from the public eyes because she is embarrassed about her ‘enormous’ figure.

“She is just not happy about how much weight she’s gained and does not want anyone to see her like this” a source close to the singer is quoted as saying.


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Melony B to divorce husband Stephen Belafonte

Former pop star Mel B is divorcing her husband, Stephen Belafonte after ten years of marriage filled with upheaval.

The former Spice Girl filed divorce papers on Monday, signaling to a relationship beset by controversy and claims of violent arguments.

The America’s Got Talent star, who wed the producer in Las Vegas in 2007, cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ in legal papers filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

The 41-year-old listed ‘joint custody’ in the filing, offering to share the responsibility for their five-year-old daughter; Madison. The singer has two other children from previous relationships.

Mel B, who was also a judge on ‘The X Factor UK,’ is being represented by a top family lawyer, Susan Wiener, in the divorce.

Although the couple appeared blissful when they renewed their wedding vows at an expensive ceremony in November 2008 in Egypt, their marriage has been less than perfect.

In 2014, cracks began to appear in the marriage when the celebrity couple was hit with rumors of violent rows, with Belafonte accused of physically abusing Mel after she appeared on ‘The X Factor UK’ with bruises on her face and arms.

At the time, it was reported that Mel had separated from Belafonte before she was rushed to hospital with stomach pains. The stomach pains caused her to miss the first live show, during The X Factor final weekend in 2014.

Mel returned for the last show on December 14, 2014, with a bruised and scratched appearance, sparking concern among her fans.

Belafonte however vigorously denied all the allegations of domestic abuse, and the two appeared to settle their issues.

Throughout the marriage, the singer has had to defend her partner’s conduct.

In 2003, she jumped to his defense after reports emerged that he beat up his common-law wife, Nicole, during a drunken argument at their home.

Mel has had to endure a few tough weeks, after she lost her father, Martin Brown, to cancer in March.

The singer posted a poignant picture of flowers, cards, and candle on her Instagram account along with a touching caption:

“Thank you for everyone’s kind gestures and words of support, it really does mean a lot…” she wrote.

This is Mel’s second divorce. She split with Dutch dancer Jimmy Guzlar in 2000, with whom she has a daughter, Phoenix Chi Guzlar, aged 18.

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Bernice Burgos addresses TI rumors on Instagram

Bernice Burgos posted on Instagram about her relationship with rapper, Clifford “T.I.” Harris.

Tameka “Tiny” Harris and T.I. are going through a very public divorce. During their separation, T.I. was photographed on multiple occasions with the Puerto Rican Instagram model and it was rumored that the two were dating. As a result of the rumors, Tiny took to social media to defame the model for breaking up her marriage and called Burgos a “pass around bitch” on Instagram. Burgos responded by saying that she was not a home wrecker.

“That home had BEEN broken,” wrote Burgos in the comments of an instagram post. “And I’ve NEVER dealt with a married man in my life… Technically when a person files for divorce it’s saying they’re moving on with their lives & their marriage has failed… NEVER have I ever been passed around.”

Burgos continued, saying that she would never be a side chick for any man. It is unclear when her relationship with T.I. began and Burgos claimed that she and the rapper were only friends. Many, however, took some of her claims in Instagram videos to be proof that she and T.I. had indeed been intimate with one another.

“This is 2017,” said Burgos. “Ain’t nobody gonna be waiting for pussy and waiting to fuck just because I’m getting separated. That’s not true. Ain’t nobody breaking no happy home. Ain’t no none of that. That’s none of my business. I’m there for him. He’s a boss, and I’m a boss.”