Italy surprise fans at Euro 2016

Italy, was said to have one of their weakest teams in their history as they entered the Euro 2016. On the other hand, Belgium is considered as the rising star in European soccer. They host an array of top class players who have shown throughout the football season.

Italy has a group of older players who many thought were past their best. However, the opening match ended with Italy beat Belgium 0-2 to claim the spoils. In the end, the experience with the Italian side came through.

Some of the shining light in Italian football was 23 years old Paul Pogba. The former Man United man played beyond his ears and proved a leader on the pitch. Belgian superstars Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bryan, both taunted to win the footballer of the year award both suffered terrible games. Experts believe that Belgium needs to be careful lest they go the English way: having the best teams, but not winning any awards at the end.

Italy coach Antonio Conte was in an unusually happy mood, even got a bloody nose during the celebrations as he collided with one of his staff members. “The critics were all against us,” said the Italian coach. “But this is the beauty of football. You get the chance to prove people wrong if you have the determination and will to work like we have.”

Spain the European champions also won their opening match, 0-1. They have some of the most intricate ball-passing players in the game’s history. It was, therefore, no surprise when Sweden put 11 players behind the ball to stop them from playing. In the end, one goal got them the three points.


“Scandal” actor, Columbus Short, sentenced to 30 days in jail

Former Scandal actor, Columbus Short, was sentenced to 30 days in jail on Wednesday.

Short has already served six days and is set complete the remaining 24 after his formal sentencing.

TMZ reported that the reason for the incarceration of Short was his having violated the terms of his probation stemming from a 2014 battery conviction. Short was fired from fired from the popular Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington ABC vehicle,  Scandal in early 2014.

Short tested positive for use of marijuana. His THC levels are reported to have elevated on a weekly basis. In addition to the 30 days in jail, Short will also be forced to complete six months in a residential drug program.

In his defense, a lawyer for Short argued that Short was attempting to deal with stress stemming from his sister having passed away from heart failure a week before his positive result. The argument did not impress the presiding judge.

Short admitted to “struggling with drugs” in December, 2014, as part of an interview on Access Hollywood Live.

Short has had a recent streak of unfortunate legal run ins which did not help him in his most recent court proceedings.

He was arrested in February, 2014 for alleged misdemeanor spousal battery. His then wife, Tanee McCall Short, filed for divorce and Short was shortly thereafter arrested in March, 2014 for fighting in a restaurant.

The March, 2014 battery charge and conviction is the offense for which the current probation, which Short has been found to have violated, was put in place.



The Grimm sleeper finally brought to justice

The Grimm Sleeper is one of the most notorious serial killers in history. He was named thus due to the fact that he stayed a long time before starting his killing spree again. Many think that he wasn’t really good at evading police; he just targeted the poor, which led to shoddy investigations.

His trial has dragged on for six years. His lawyer has been using the defense of circumstantial evidence to bid his time. But that time has finally elapsed as the Grimm Sleeper has received the capital punishment. His lawyer was in a foul mood when questioned after the trial. He insisted that the death penalty doesn’t do anyone any good, it is just an expensive verdict.

“Now what happens is millions of dollars will be spent on appeals because we have no choice but to do that,” he said. “That money would be better devoted to helping the community that has been violated by the acts.”

At the trial the parents of the twenty women that t5he grim sleeper killed attended. They have been waiting for a verdict for a long time. They were definitely satisfied with the decision, but thought it took too long.

Lonnie Franklin, the Grimm Sleeper, on the other hand, looked unremorseful and unmoved. These are perfect signs of a psychopath. It is not necessarily known his motivation for the killings. But philologists argue it was his need for power. He shot his victims at close range, but toyed and tortured them before their untimely execution. Such vile symptoms can only be associated with someone who has lost touch with their humanity.


“Grim Sleeper” sentenced to death

A South Los Angeles jury decided that the “Grim Sleeper” murderer should be sentenced to death.

“Dead man walking, ” whispered a family member of one of the victims as Franklin entered the courtroom.

Lonnie Franklin Jr., also known as the “Grim Sleeper”, was convicted last month of murdering nine women and a teenage girl over more than two decades. The jury decided on his death sentence Monday.

Franklin shot and choked all of his victims and threw their bodies in trash cans and alleys in Los Angeles. Police did not connect the crimes to a serial killer for decades.

The victims of Franklin were poor, black women, which for community members, meant that they would not be investigated vigorously. This is part of the reason, some believe, Franklin had gone so long without facing justice.

The jury called for the death penalty for all 10 of the first degree murder counts facing Franklin Jr. He is set to be officially sentenced on August 10.

“Thank you,” proclaimed a family member of one of the victims as the death penalty was suggested for Franklin, a former Los Angeles Police Department garage attendant.

“Yes your honor,” responded Franklin when asked about the sentencing date, but he remained silent throughout the court proceeding.

A prosecutor asked the jurors to show the same compassion Franklin showed for his victims. A defense lawyer for Franklin asked jurors to sentence him to life in prison to expedite the healing and forgiveness process for the family members of his victims.




Professor killed in tragic murder suicide at UCLA

Two men were left dead after a murder suicide at the University of California Los Angeles on Wednesday.

A massive portion of the Los Angeles Police Department, the FBI, and the ATF converged on the campus and thousands of UCLA students and faculty were locked down for a number of hours as a result of the tragedy.

The shooting occurred early in the morning as students studied the week before finals.

The victim of the shooting was UCLA professor of engineering, William S. Klug. After his murder, police and campus security did not know whether there was a shooter on the loose at the school or in the city at large.

The Los Angeles Police Department enacted a tactical alert, putting all officers in the city on call. The result was dozens of armed police officers arriving at the campus armed with shotguns and assault rifles as opposed to their service pistols.

“We have literally hundreds of police officers and agents on campus,” explained UCLA Police Chief, James Herren. “We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the community. It is something we have trained to do.”

Approximately two hours after the tragedy, Los Angeles Police Chief, Charles Beck, announced that the campus was safe. He acknowledged that a weapon and letter were found at the scene of the shooting but would not confirm the existence of a suicide note.

“The campus is entirely contained,” said Beck. “We believe there are no suspects outstanding and no continuing threat to UCLA’s campus.”


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Disney transforms three of the most famous children in Holywood to their favorite charector

Disney land got to play host to three beautiful princesses. The trio of North West, Penelope Disick, and Ryan Romulus spent most of the Thursday enjoying a princess makeover. Each of them got to look like their favorite Disney Stars.

North West Kanye daughter it transformed into Queen Elsa. Penelope looked stunning in her Princess Jasmine outfit. Ryan got a chance to be friends with the elves as she took up the role of Cinderella.
The makeovers were done at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. Through her Instagram account, Kim KKardashian shared the pictures. They were captioned with words from a loving mother.”I have never seen anything sweeter”, Kim Kardashian said, the wife to Kanye West.

The children aged two and three-year-old had a blast. Waving their tiny magic wands and grinning from ear to year to the delight of the paparazzi. The two moms Kim and Kourtney Kardashian took to Twitter to share how much fun they had.

She uploaded photos of her standing next to Minnie Mouse, wife to Mickey Mouse. “I am not sure who was having more fun”, Kourtney said, the sister to Kim Kardashian. The visit seemed dull to Mason, who dozed off. Mason is not into the girly stuff he loves action the Kardashian added.

The day ended well. The kids wore Mickey Mouse hoods. As the sun went down over Disney Land, Kim Kardashian finished by saying there was nothing like Disney land nights.


Mexico approves extradition of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán to United States

The Mexican Foreign Relations Department ruled May 20, 2016 to approve the extradition of Mexican drug kingpin, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, from the United Mexican States to the United States of America.

Guzmán and his lawyers now have 30 days to appeal the decision of the Foreign Relations Department and have said that they will take advantage of that right.

Jose Refugio Rodriguez, lead attorney for Guzmán, said that they would appeal the Mexican decision all the way to the Mexican Supreme Court and possibly to an international tribunal.

The appellate process could postpone the extradition for months and even years, with Rodriguez saying that any extradition will take “at least one to three years.”

Guzmán is wanted in multiple jurisdictions in the United States of America, including New York City, Miami, Chicago, and San Diego, for several charges stemming from organized crime and the trafficking of illegal narcotics.

Guzmán was recently transferred to a prison in Ciudad Juárez, only miles away from the U.S. border. This was at the request of Guzmán on the grounds of his suffering health.

The Mexican Foreign Relations Department stated that the United States has provided a guarantee that Guzmán will not face the death penalty. This was a necessary stipulation in the extradition of Guzmán as Mexico no longer enforces the death penalty and refuses to extradite citizens to face the death penalty.

The extradition request was officially placed by Californian and Texan federal courts, in which Guzmán faces charges of money laundering, murder, arms possession, and conspiracy to import and distribute cocaine and marijuana.



ABC lineups new shows

There are new shows lined up this fall for ABC television fans. On the line, up for new shows is Designated Survivor. A thriller by the 24 series mega star Kiefer Sutherland, who plays Jack Bauer. Other shows in the mid-season section are Romeo and Juliet, Still Star-Crossed and Imaginary Mary.

Designated Survivor is the story of a low-level Cabinet member. He becomes the president after an attack kills the current president. The attack takes place during a State of the Union address. As fate would have it, all the worthy contenders to the seat are killed in the event. “We hope viewers enjoy the fall line up”, said ABC Chief. “we are just as excited as the fans.”

American Housewife a family comedy narrated by Katie. Katie is an iron lady who raises her dysfunctional family in an upper-class town. The city is filled with perfect families and perfect wives.

Conviction narrates the story of Carter Morrison. She is the daughter of a former US president. She is pressured into leading a Conviction Integrity Unit. Working with her team of seasoned professionals her mission is to investigate cases where innocent victims have been wrongly convicted.

Downward Dog is a comedy featuring a lady called Nan. The lady is going through a rough patch in life.she has a dog able to speak its mind.The same way one would do in a confessional interview.
Imaginary Mary is a love story. A thirty-year-old bachelorette goes through a total life change when she meets her soulmate. Not the ideal prince charming since he is divorced with three kids.

Things get worse, the imaginary child she had created to help her cope suddenly appears at this trying point I her life. The imaginary friend helps her get through the mess and take care of the family.


Conductor of Amtrak crash that killed eight was “distracted” before tragedy

Brandon Bostian, the engineer of the Amtrak train that sped off the rails in May, 2015, has been blamed for the catastrophe as he was allegedly distracted by news that nearby train had been hit by a rock.

Federal investigators concluded May, 17, 2016, that most of the blame rested on Bostian for the tragic crash in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that killed eight people.

According to the investigators, Bostian heard about the rock throwing on his radio and became so worried about its occurrence that he lost focus on his duties as an engineer and accelerated to speeds upwards of 106 miles per hour into a sharp curve. The turn at which Bostian lost control had a speed limit of 50 mph.

“He went, in a matter of seconds, from distraction to disaster,” said Robert Sumwalt, a National Transportation Safety Board member.

The National Transportation Safety Board also revealed that a failure on the part of Amtrak to install positive train control, a GPS based feature that can mechanically slow trains that are traveling over the speed limit, is also to blame for the crash.

“We would not be here today,” replied NTSB investigator, Ted Turpin, when asked if the outcome would have been different if the train Bostian was navigating had been outfitted with positive train control.

Ron Kaminkow, secretary of the industry union consortium Railroad Workers United, says that all trains should have two engineers on board to avoid these situations.

Approximately 200 people were injured on that May, 12, 2015 trip from Washington, D.C. to New York City.



Chicago police officer who killed an innocent bystander resigns his post

Officer Dante Servin of the Chicago Police Department announced his retirement May, 17, 2016, two days before a hearing stemming from his shooting of a Chicago youth was to be held.

Servin shot into a group of people during a 2012 incident in which the group was arguing and fighting outside of a liquor store. Servin was off duty at the time of the incident but discharged his service weapon into the group after telling them to quiet down.

Servin ended up killing 22 year old Rekia Boyd with his gunfire but was found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter in April, 2015. Cook County judge, Dennis Porter, who presided over the Boyd case, found that the office of attorney, Anita Alvarez, did not properly charge Servin.

Porter reasoned that the prosecutors should have charged Servin with a more serious offense than simple involuntary manslaughter. According to Porter, Servin acted “beyond reckless” and thus could not be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter under state law.

The mishandling of the case of the young African American, Boyd, caused a row in the Black Lives Matter movement in Chicago as they reasoned it was another case of the system being too soft on police officers who enact violence against African Americans.

“Officer Servin’s full actions resulted in termination charges and an unthinkable loss for a Chicago family,” said Chicago P.D superintendent, Eddie Johnson. “On behalf of the CPD, I extend my deepest condolences to the family of Rekia Boyd and reaffirm this Department’s  commitment to the highest levels of professional standards by policing and holding ourselves accountable for wrongdoing.”