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Star Wars Episode VIII has been delayed

There’s a few reasons why it’s good for the franchise.

It was bad news for Star Wars fans recently, as they learned the next film in the series has been delayed by more than half a year.

But there are a few reasons to believe this is actually a good thing, according to a Forbes report.

After the incredible showing of Star Wars Episode VII in the box office this December, Disney has decided to bump Episode VIII from May to December 15, 2017. Episode VII was also supposed to be released in the summer before it was moved to December, and Disney has decided based on the returns of the first film. December might be the best tiem for the next one.

There are a few reasons why this might be a good thing, Forbes writes. For one thing, more time gives writer and director Rian Johnson time to tweak the script and getting better shots. It’s a main reason why J.J. Abrams pushed Disney to move the film back. The director will have more time to adjust to the reaction of the first film, which tells him what characters were fan favorites and may need more screen time.

Another reason to bump Episode VIII is because Disney has another big movie upcoming that it probably doesn’t want competing with Star Wars: Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2. The movie would have opened just a few weeks before Star Wars, not giving it much time before inevitably being swamped by Star Wars. Instead, Pirates of the Caribbean will take Star Wars’ place in May 2017.

And finally, December just feels like a better time for episodic movies like Star Wars, while the summers can be for the more stand-alone Star Wars movies that are approaching release.

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