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Pollinator Week reminds people to bee grateful to insects

National Pollinator Week reminds people that bees are an important part of our ecosystem that cannot be replaced

We all remember 2007’s Bee Movie, right? As weird as that movie was, it had an important lesson behind it; insects, specifically bees, are important to our environment and food chain because they are chief pollinators.

And we’re lost without pollinators. That’s why we take a week to celebrate them.

According to Ag Professional, this year scientists are focusing on bee stresses. It is no new news that the population of bees around the world have been on a downward spiral in the last ten years or so. This trend cannot continue; bees are just too important.

And while corn does not need pollinators like bees, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), along with 40 other organizations that make up the Honey Bee Health Coalition, see the importance of these magnificent insects and are doing all they can to help bees succeed.

“We are committed to improving the health and viability of pollinators as part of our overall sustainability efforts,” said NCGA president Chip Bowling. “We are also engaged to assure steps being taken to help pollinators are well researched and based on science.”

And while there are other pollinators out there, butterflies, moths, beetles, we would be lost without the bee. NH Voice notes that bees are primary pollinators, meaning they seek out pollen, whereas for most insects and animals it happens unintentionally.

It is why many are hoping a new project, titled Bee City USA, a commitment to push for awareness and safe practice to ensure the survival and rehabilitation of bees across America.

“The Bee City USA approved pollinator garden program encourages homeowners, businesses, schools, organizations, farmers and gardeners to create pollinator habitats that support pollinator populations,” wrote a local reporter for the Ashland Daily Tidings.

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