A Monopoly musical? It could be hitting Broadway stages sooner than you think

Araca Group, best known for co-producing hits like Wicked, has just signed on with Hasbro to work on Monopoly: The Musical

Movie adaptations of board games haven’t always fared so well in the past. We all remember Battleship, and while 1985’s Clue has built a small underground following today the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes state it’s nothing to write home about.

So Hasbro has decided to take their games in a different direction. Instead of the silver screen, they’re hitting the open stage.

According to, Monopoly is the latest Hasbro game to get its own star treatment in the form of a Broadway musical. Titled Monopoly: The Musical, all that’s known about it is that it will involve audience interaction. Everything else has been kept under wraps.

Everything except for the excitement.

“We are excited to work with The Araca Group to bring Monopoly to life on Broadway and across the country,” said Simon Waters, a General Manager and and Senior Vice President at Hasbro. “Monopoly is one of the most iconic gaming brands of all time. Hasbro is dedicated to delivering new and exciting ways for consumers to interact with all of our brands, and this stage adaptation will do just that; offering fans a unique and immersive experience for people of all ages.”

Surprisingly, Monopoly getting star treatment isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds. With humble beginnings in 1903 and a start-up during the Great Depression, The Independent noted that Monopoly is currently sold in 103 countries around the world in 37 languages, making it the best selling board game of all time.

And this isn’t the game’s first attempt at Hollywood stardom either. Universal Pictures were developing a Monopoly-based movie before dropping out in 2012. And while it’s a small victory, there was a fun Monopoly game show in the 1990s on ABC-TV.

Plus, with a big company like Araca behind it, who co-produced Wicked, the idea may stand a chance. Araca Group CEO Matthew Rego sees potential in the humble board game, and cannot wait to work with such a classic family game.

“We are thrilled to work with Hasbro and extraordinarily talented creative minds to develop a stage adaptation of Monopoly,” said Rego. “Araca has always been committed to bringing material to the stage that thrills audiences’ imaginations, touches their hearts and ignites fits of laughter. Being given the opportunity to do so with iconic Hasbro brands such as Monopoly was almost too good to be true.”

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