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The Spurs defeat the Warriors 87-79 to continue home winning streak

LaMarcus Aldridge shone brightest as the San Antonio Spurs handed the Golden State Warriors their seventh loss of the season.

The San Antonio Spurs have now defeated the Warriors 33 straight times in San Antonio. They held the Warriors to below 80 points for the first time this season and held Steph Curry to 14 points on 4-18 shooting from the field and 1-12 from behind the three point line.

The Spurs played dauntless defense on Curry, who was blocked twice by Spurs defensive stalwart, Danny Green.

“I thought Steph missed a few early that he normally makes and he never really got in a rhythm and that happens, ” said Golden State coach, Steve Kerr.

It was new San Antonio Spur, LaMarcus Aldridge, who lived up to his All Star billing. Scoring 26 points and grabbing 13 rebounds, he continued to mature in his new role and acclimate himself to the San Antonio culture.

“They’re a great team, they’re the bar in the NBA and it just felt good to win tonight,” said Aldridge of the defending champion Warriors, showing true Spur humility and grace.

A possible mentor for Aldridge has been 18 year Spur, Tim Duncan. Duncan played eight minutes and only managed one point in the Mar. 19, 2016 game. He also accepted coming off of the bench for just the third time in his 1,383 regular season game career.

“He’s such a great person,” said Aldridge of Duncan. “He didn’t pout; he was very positive. He was talking to me. I don’t know if many guys in that position would have handled it as well as he did.”


Floyd Mayweather, Adrien Broner tension beefs up ahead of Broner-Theophane fight

The rift between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Adrien “The Problem” Broner has been rent even further after Broner made controversial comments about Mayweather fighter, Ashley Theophane.

Broner, who at one point looked up to the undefeated, legendary, Mayweather, now has had several small conflicts with his former mentor, including a war of words after Mayweather criticized Broner for mocking a Wal Mart cashier.

“You put Ashley [Theophane] on one of your private jets, bring him to come see me and I bet I bring the girl out of that boy like Bruce Jenner,” teased Broner.

In a press conference on Mar. 30, 2016, Broner and Theophane met to promote their WBA super lightweight world title fight which will be held Apr. 1, 2016 at the D.C. Armory in Washington D.C.

Mayweather did not attend the presser, claiming that his private pilot had not gotten enough sleep and that it was unsafe for him to attempt flying. Broner took advantage of his absence.

“I’m kind of pissed that Floyd ain’t here.” remarked Broner. “I want to say thank you to About Billions Promotions, Headbangers Promotions, Hateweather Promotions, I mean Mayweather Promotions…”

“Adrien Broner, his nickname is The Problem,” responded Floyd Mayweather, who referred to Broner as a snake. “I think he has a lot of problems. Adrien Broner was just an alcoholic six months ago. One thing I’m trying to find out about Adrien Broner, is he a boxing promoter, is he a rapper, is he a porn star, or is he a gangster?”


Nike cuts ties with Manny Pacquiao after he says gay people are worse than animals

Nike cut ties with Manny Pacquiao after the boxer says gay people are worse than animals.

Pacquiao, the most beloved son of the Philippines, is an eight division world champion and was named Boxer of the Decade (2000s) by the WBC and the WBO. He is also running for one of 12 seats in the Filipino Senate.

“It’s common sense. Will you see any animals where male is to male and female is to female? The animals are better. They know how to distinguish male from female. If we approve of male on male and female on female then man is worse than animals,” explained Pacquiao in a televised interview.

The statement has hurt the Pacquiao campaign as Filipino celebrities such as Vince Ganda and Aiza Seguerra have called for major social movements and boycotts of the athlete turned politician.

“You might have done our country proud but with your statement, you just showed the whole country why we shouldn’t vote for you,” exclaimed Seguerra, who also called Pacquiao an “ignorant, bigoted hypocrite”.

Pacquiao, who was cited by Forbes Magazine as the second highest paid athlete in 2015, has also had his pockets hurt by the controversy as Nike has pulled him from their endorsement list.

“We find Manny Pacquiao’s comments abhorrent. Nike strongly opposes discrimination of any kind and has a long history of supporting and standing up for the rights of the LGBT community,” stated Nike in a statement.

In the recent past Nike has also severed relationships with other infamed athletes such as Lance Armstrong, Adrian Peterson, and Oscar Pistorius.


Carmelo Anthony throws his hat into the Olympic rings to join USMNT at Rio 2016

Carmelo Anthony accepted the invitation to play with the United States Men’s National Basketball Team at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“From a morale standpoint as a player, if you’ve been through the things I’ve been through the past couple of years, you want to feel what that success feels like,” said Carmelo to reporters Mar. 29, 2016. “You want that success. So the Olympics for me is great timing, especially coming off this season and injuries, and mentally it’s good for me to get out there and feel what that feels like again.”

Carmelo, 31, led his teams to playoff berths in his first 10 years in the NBA. He is set to miss his third straight playoff berth with the New York Knicks this year.

Carmelo, LeBron James, and Chris Paul could have become the first athletes to win three gold medals in basketball. Carmelo added that his decision will not change no matter what LeBron James decides to do and that he did not waver after hearing Paul decide to forgo the games.

“I feel my body telling me that I could use the time,” said All Star guard, Chris Paul, who is nearing 31 years old and averaging over 33 minutes per game this year.

“If we were all going to do it, I would’ve loved for [Paul] to be a part of that, especially for this one last time,” said Carmelo said of the Paul decision. “If he’s not feeling it, his body’s not right and not healthy, then no need for him [to play].”


Humble beginnings remembered as Apple turns 40

With over millions of devices sold globally and thousands claiming brand loyalty with fierce ties to anything Apple, it’s time all those users broke out the birthday cake as Apple turns 40 today.

According to Mac Rumors, Apple was founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. From the company’s humble beginnings in Jobs’s childhood home to practically dominating the computer and smart phone market, Apple has come a long way in the 40 years it’s been operating.

“Apple made design front-and-center in the whole product development process,” said Daniel Martinage in CBS News. The executive director of the Designers Society of America, Martinage noted how Apple unique design stood out from the crowd, and how it was one of the factors that saved the company from bankruptcy.

“[Back then], everything was beige,” he joked.

Another factor that saved Apple from financial woes was Steve Jobs’s return to the company in 1997. Upon his return, Jobs pulled the plug on the Newton, one of the predecessors of the Palm Pilot and today’s iPad. Despite the struggles, from that point smarter decisions were made that helped put Apple on the map.

One of these smarter decisions, the iMac, debuted the following year. Its eye-catching colors were a hit with consumers. Shortly after came a game changer in the way we buy music; the iTunes store was released in 2003, and compatible products such as the iPod mini, shuffle, and nano were instant hits and on everyone’s Christmas wish list. A number of innovative inventions and several iOS updates later here we are.

So what is in Apples future? According to CNET updates of the Apple Watch and Apple Pay are in order, and Apple has invested in the self-driving car. The company has also released plans to dabble in smarter home technology products and maybe even look into the health care industry.

And Martinage doesn’t see a decline in demand anytime soon, even with the looming pressure of cheaper Chinese smart phones. “They stayed true to their brand,” he said.

Apple creative director Clement Mok agrees, adding that as long as Apple continues to do what it does best they should have no problem leading the market.

“As long as they stick to their core hippie values and challenge the status quo, I think they’ll be around for a long time,” said Mok.



The Sacramento Kings resign GM, Vlade Divac

The Sacramento Kings have signed general manager and vice president of basketball operations, Vlade Divac, to a multiyear contract extension.

“My commitment to the Sacramento Kings goes back to my days as a player and I’m grateful to continue playing my part in creating a winning future,” said Divac, who, after a successful six year stint with the team as a player, joined the Sacramento Kings as a front office executive in 2015. “I know that we have what it takes to be a successful franchise and I look forward to continuing to improve and build on the progress that we’ve made.”

The Kings, who will likely miss the playoffs for a tenth straight year, made their decision to sign the former fan favorite, Divac, public on Mar. 30, 2016. Sources say that it is the first step in their plan to bring the team back to its mid-2000 oughts glory years.

Now, according to sources, the Kings will look to hire a seasoned NBA exec to bolster the transactions side of their basketball operations. Sources suggest that person seems to be David Morway, who has worked previously with both the Indiana Pacers and Milwaukee Bucks.

Morway, who worked with successful NBA executives such as Larry Bird and Donnie Walsh during his 13 years with the Pacers, and has been behind a resurgence in the Milwaukee franchise, has emerged as a leading candidate for the position.

Morway and Divac will have their work cut out for them. They may be in search of a new coach as George Karl has publicly feuded with numerous players on the current Sacramento roster.



U.S. Women’s National soccer Team sues U.S. Soccer for gender discrimination

Five of the most recognizable players from the reigning World Cup champion United States Women’s National Team have filed a complaint against the United States Soccer Federation for discrimination.

On Mar. 31, 2016, lawyers for Hope Solo, Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, and Becky Sauerbrunn announced that they had filed an action with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accusing United States Soccer of wage discrimination across gender.

The complaint asserts that although according to an annual financial report the USWNT produced $20 million in 2015, the women are paid four times less than their male soccer playing counterparts.

In their current collective bargaining agreement, which the women claim has ended, the women agreed to being paid unequally in relation to their male soccer playing counterparts.

Under the current CBA the women can only make around $14 thousand for a win in friendly match results and come away with no money in a tie or a loss. That is compared to the men who can make almost $18 thousand in a win, about $8 thousand in ties, and $5 thousand in losses.

The women make $15 thousand for being selected to the World Cup roster where their male soccer playing counterparts make approximately $69 thousand for the same feat. The USWNT receives no money for reaching the World Cup, whereas their male soccer playing counterparts receive $2.5 million to be split among the players for the feat.

U.S. Soccer argues that the CBA is intact until the end of 2016 and has filed its own action. Oral arguments in that case are set to take place in Chicago May 25, 2016.


ALMA captures most detailed image of forming planet

The ESO’s Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) has captured the most detailed image yet seen of a Sun-like star surrounded by a protoplanetary disk.

Discovery News reports that the star called TW Hydrae is relatively young with an age of about 10 million years.  The star and its planet nursery lie about 175 light-years from Earth.  The view from Earth of the newly forming solar system is face-on with the plane on which TW Hydrae’s planet or planets will someday orbit.

The protoplanetary disk of dust and gas shows circular gaps where newly forming planets are probably gathering dust from the disk as they orbit.

“Previous studies with optical and radio telescopes confirm that TW Hydrae hosts a prominent disc with features that strongly suggest planets are beginning to coalesce,” lead author Sean Andrews of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics said.

Astrophysicists believe that the rings of dust around TW Hydrae present a picture much like what our own solar system would have looked like 4.5 billion years ago.

Analysis of the gaps in the star’s dust ring suggests that at least two planets are forming about as far from the star as Uranus and Pluto lie from the Sun.  There also appears to be evidence that a planet is forming at an Earth-like distance from TW Hydrae.

“The new ALMA images show the disc in unprecedented detail, revealing a series of concentric dusty bright rings and dark gaps, including intriguing features that may indicate that a planet with an Earth-like orbit is forming there,” Andrews said.  “This is the highest spatial resolution image ever of a protoplanetary disc from ALMA, and that won’t be easily beaten in the future!”

Scientists plan to compare data collected on TW Hydrae with discoveries around another protoplanetary star, HL Tauri, imaged by the Very Large Array in New Mexico.  HL Tauri is one million years old and also sports a planet-forming disk, although not as sharply imaged as the disk around TW Hydrae, which lies closer to Earth.

Further study of these planetary “nurseries” may improve understanding of how the Sun’s planetary system formed and evolved over the past 4.5 billion years.

The study was published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters.