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Serena Williams and Billie Jean King fire back after Paribas Open CEO makes sexist remarks

Many heavyweight influences in the world of tennis have had words for Raymond Moore, CEO of the BNP Paribas tournament, after he made disparaging remarks about women in the sport.

“In my next life when I come back I want to be someone in the WTA [Women’s Tennis Association]. Because they ride on the coattails of the men,” remarked Moore at his California tournament. “They don’t make any decisions and they are lucky. They are very, very lucky. If I was a lady player, I’d go down every night on my knees and thank God that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal were born, because they have carried this sport.”

“[Moore’s comments were a] disservice [to] every woman on this planet that has ever tried to stand up for what they believed in and being proud to be a woman,” reacted Serena Williams. “We as women have come a long way. And we shouldn’t have to drop to our knees at any point.”

“Disappointed in comments. He is wrong on so many levels. Every player, especially the top players, contribute to our success,” tweeted Billie Jean King.

“Our sport benefits from the contribution of both sexes and celebrates the achievements of great women players alongside their male counterparts,” responded International Tennis Federation President, David Haggerty. “There is no room for remarks like those of Mr Moore in tennis or in society.”

Moore would later apologize for his ill-received remarks.

“At my morning breakfast with the media, I made comments about the WTA that were in extremely poor taste and erroneous,” apologized Moore.


Paris terror attack culprits apprehended

Salah Abdeslam the person who is believed to have orchestrated the Paris attack was apprehended in Belgium. After his apprehension, police say that they have also learned the name of his colleague who also played a crucial role in the Paris attack. His accomplice is believed to be Laachroui Najim. The reason the duo has eluded authority for so long is their use of alias names and advanced tech to ensure their identity stays secret.
Laachroui Najim is believed to have rented a safe house in Belgium before the attack in Paris. He is also thought to have been one of the two men in the vehicle when Hungarian police stopped and searched a car late last year.
Another member of the gang was killed by the police in Belgium when that conducted an Anti-terror raid in the country. Laachroui Najim identity was found after interrogating Salah Abdeslam. A report from Dina Temple-Raston states that Salah Abdeslam is showing cooperation and helping in further investigations.
Not surprisingly, authorities are keeping a lot of what they are learning close to the vest said, Dina. Abdeslam reportedly told them that he was supposed to kill himself outside the stadium that night, but didn’t go through with it. He didn’t say what those weapons were, precisely, or whether Abdeslam told authorities where to find them.”
After learning the identity of Laachroui Najim authorities are questioning Salah Abdeslam on the software they used in Paris. A witness said that she noticed the terrorists use software that looked like encryption software. The authorizes believe that identifying this software would help them in their investigation on ISIS.

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Taliban takes credit for Pakistan bombing

An Islamic suicide bomber attacked the capital of Pakistan over the Easter Sunday. The explosion happened in one of the biggest public parks in the country and is believed to have been targeting Christian families who had picnicked at the garden to celebrate Easter. The bombing has left over 230 wounded while 72 have been confirmed dead thus far.

The Taliban splinter cell in the country, Jamaat Ul-Ahrar has taken credit for the attack. The country has long suffered from such extremist groups. “It was our people who attacked the Christians in Lahore, celebrating Easter, ” said a spokesperson from Jamaat-Ul-Ahrar. “It’s our message to the government that we will carry out such attacks again until sharia is imposed in the country.”

The prime minister of Pakistan quickly rushed to the area which is also a strong political hold to pay his respect. He stated that the goal of the country was not to remove just the extremist groups but the extremist mindset. He believes that the mindset is the main culprit of too many extremist groups and not what it stands for.

Reports are claiming that the bomber is a 26-year old man called Muhammad Yousaf Farid. Forensic investigations confirm that his bombing vest had about 20 pounds of explosives in it. The explosives were also packed with ball bearings a technique used to ensure maximum death toll by suicide bombers targeting an open place. With so many victims the government of Pakistan is offering free rides to individuals who wish to donate blood for the victims.


Bernie Sanders gains some much-needed momentum

Sanders won over almost 3o delegates over the weekend from Alaska, Washington and the Hawaii Democratic as he closed the gap on Hilary Clinton. However, even with the big wins, he is still a long distance behind his rival Clinton.

In order to beat Clinton now, he needs 67 percent of the remaining delegates’ votes and at the moment, he is winning less than 40 percent. Over the weekend, there were 167 delegates from the three states with Washington having the biggest number.

With Sanders being very popular with the young and white community, experts believed that he would win the weekend by a landslide which he did. Clinton still has some problems with these voters as many believe she does not connect with the youth and her credibility and trustworthiness is not reliable.

Bernie Sanders feels that he is gaining momentum just at the right moment when it really counts. “Our calculations are that in fact, we can win the pledged delegates,” he said.“We have the momentum. We have won five out of the six last contests in landslide fashion. And the reason is the issues that we are talking about a corrupt campaign finance system, the disappearance of the American middle class, kids graduating college $50,000 in debt.”

For a nomination to be won, a candidate needs 2,383 delegate backings. At the moment, Clinton has 1700, and Bernie Sanders has 1,000. Clinton is believed to be focusing on the new York rally where she hopes to regain her unassailable lead once more as she represented the state when she was in the Senate.

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Woman arrested on conspiracy to join ISIS

ISIS has long used two primary strategies to persuade people to join their group. The two main strategies they use are fear and wealth. This has worked for many people, but they seem to have developed a new approach using love and relationships.

A woman from Mississippi is set to plead guilty to charges of conspiracy and intent of joining ISIS. She is also accused of intent to share information and material with the militia group. Delshaun Young is scheduled to appear before a court in Aberdeen.

Delshaun Young was arrested with her fiancé Muhammad Dakhlalla, a 23-year-old student from the Mississippi State University. They met at the University when they were both freshmen. Delshaun Young studied chemistry and Muhammad Dakhlalla graduated in psychology in 2015.

What has puzzled the court is the joy she receives from the terror attacks, she seems to derive a lot of pleasure from creating fear. “What makes me feel better after just watching the news is that an akhi carried out an attack against US Marines in TN,” she said. “Alhamdulillah, the numbers of supporters are growing.”

The couple was arrested at the Golden Triangle Airport in Columbus as they were about to board a plane to Atlanta. They would later go to Syria for the completion of their recruitment into ISIS. The Militia group would then send them back to the US as sleeper cells after training. ISIS has now more sleeper cells than ever before, making it tough to fight them or even identify them.


Government demands Apple hack iPhone

Apple has demanded that the government gives them the technique used to hack the iPhone of the California shooter. The government and the company have been in a court battle for over four months now with Apple refusing to hack into the shooter phone stating security concerns. However the government went and found a third party to help them break the code, and now Apple feels that the government is obligated to show them how they did it.

The government is not legally bound to disclose how they did it, and Apple knows this. “One way or another, Apple needs to figure out the details,” said Justin Olsson AVG Technologies. “The responsible thing for the government to do, is privately disclose the vulnerability to Apple so they can continue hardening security on their devices.”

If Apple does decide to go to court and battle this, the government will ironically use the same logic the company use in the previous case; stating security issues in case the information comes out to the public. They can also say they signed a non disclosure agreement with the third party, and both augments would jeopardize the Apple case.

Apple says that they need to learn this to tighten their security, as if people do realize that the iPhone is now hackable will attempt to do the same, breaking one of their most solid marketing points. Rumors are flying that the iPhone was hacked by an Israel hacker who insured the phone did not lock permanently and decrypting the data, rendering it useless. After this, the government passed the phone through probability password software where it ran, passwords until it unlocked the phone.


Astronomers create first heat map of a molten ‘super-Earth’

A team of astronomers has mapped the most extreme fluctuations in temperature ever detected in a large, rocky exoplanet.

According to Gizmodo, the exoplanet called 55 Cancri e gets so hot that lava flows on its surface like water flows on Earth.  55 Cancri e is considered a “super-Earth” due to its rocky nature and large size, which is about eight times the mass of Earth.

The super-hot super-Earth lies just 40 light-years away and is the innermost planet in its solar system.  55 Cancri e orbits its star so closely that it completes one trip around its star every 18 hours.

The planet’s atmosphere had been analyzed previously using data from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.  The exoplanet appears to be shrouded in mostly hydrogen and helium, and its analysis marked the first time that the nature of a super-Earth’s atmosphere had been determined.

Now, a research team from Cavendish Laboratory added a new first to the roster of super-Earth studies by creating a weather map of the exoplanet.

55 Canrci e is tidally locked, which means that it has a daytime side which always faces its star and a night side which remains in darkness.

Using the Spitzer Space Telescope Infrared Array Camera, the team determined that the day side reaches a temperature of 2,427 degrees Celsius while the night side is about 1,107 degrees Celsius, which makes the temperature difference on the planet’s surface a whopping 1,320 degrees Celsius.

The team found a particularly hot spot facing the star, which is most likely an area of easily flowing lava.  The planet’s night side is believed to be cool enough to contain mostly solid rock.

The exoplanet’s orbit and position in relation to its star still do not fully explain the extreme temperatures detected on 55 Canrci e, suggesting that the planet has its own source of heat below its surface.

The study appears in the journal Nature.


The future of computers thought to be a security risk

Many scientists hail Quantum computers as the future of computers. They are smarter and perform at lighting speeds. Traditional computers use a series of 0s and 1s called bits to send information. Contrary to these Quantum computers uses 1s and 0s simultaneously called qubits to transfer info. Scientists fear that due to the computers quick processing and multi-dynamic nature it will be able to easily crack RCA encryption, which is used by most companies today.

The RCA encryption uses coding and large numbers to encrypt. Traditional computers are not able to decode this as they cannot factor in big numbers. Two scientists from MIT have made the Quantum computers more of a reality. The first Quantum computer was used in 1994, but it was until 2001 when Isaac Chuang managed to do any algorithms. However, He only succeeded to factor in numbers to 15.

But he has recently gone a step further and perfected his prototype and now uses an electrical field and a laser beam to pulse out the qubits. He is much closer to making his dream a reality. But his success has raised many security fears. Data lasts a very long time. The fear is that once he or some else manage to perfect the computer, company secrets can be stolen.

“I think people are starting to get freaked out about it,” said Chuang. “They still believe that it’s anywhere from 15 to 30 years away, but data can last a very long time. The good news is most of the data we had doesn’t have to be kept secure for 30 years, but some of it does.”

But he also believes that by the time Quantum computers become a reality better encryption will be used. He looks forward to a time atom encryption will be utilized. He also thinks that the government will be upset with this as the laws of physics will be keeping people’s information safe, making it tough to crack.


Turkey expecting another attack

Turkey is one of the hardest hit countries regarding the terrorist bombing. In the past eight months, they have had six major attacks ISIS has claimed most of these. However, they seem to be getting better at detecting the bombings as they recently stated that they were searching for three potential bombers by the names Haci Ali Durmaz, Yunus Durmaz, and Savas Yildiz.
The three are believed to be members of a local ISIS sleeper cell and are about to be activated. The three are Turkey nationals who intelligence has tracked and confirmed to have a significant influence in the countries terrorist activities.
The revelation comes only two days after a suicide bomber killed five people, including two Israel-American nationals. The bombing happened on a busy street in the Istanbul. The terror attacks have also become prevalent in sporting activities in the country suspended a derby match between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce, two of the country’s biggest teams.
“The bombing on Saturday was carried out by a Turkish citizen called Mehmet Ozturk and was born in 1992,” said Efkan Ala, the Turkish minister of interior defense. “He was not part of any wanted list, but however, we captured another five suspects who we are interrogating for more intelligence.”
ISIS claimed responsibility for the January 12th bombing that targeted German tourists in the historical regions of the country. The attack crippled the tourism sector and made the country rethink their anti-terrorism attack. This was unfortunate as tourism is a major foreign exchange earner for the country.


Terrorist attack in the capital of Europe kills 34; injures more than two hundred

Mar. 22, 2016, three explosions in Brussels, Belgium have claimed the lives of 34 people.

Two of the explosions went off at Brussels airport in the northeast of Brussels.

“We were going to check in around 7:30 a.m.,” recounted one traveler, Ilaria Ruggiano. “There were seven of us. We were a bit late. We heard a big noise and saw a big flash. My mother went to the floor — she was hit. I just dropped my luggage and went to the floor. A kid came out, bleeding a lot. I tried to help him with a tissue, but it was not enough. There were two bombs.”

“I heard what sounded like a thud a minute or so before 8 a.m.,” said Alan Merbaum, who had just flown in when the blast occurred. “It sounded like it could have been something dropped off the back of a truck. Ten to 20 seconds later, I heard a loud explosion and I immediately knew what it was. I saw smoke coming out of the front entrance of the airport.”

A third explosion occurred at a subway station extremely proximal to the European Union headquarters. Over one hundred people were injured at the train station.

These attacks occurred days after the capture of Salah Abdeslam, one of the men who planned the infamous attack on Paris. Abdeslam was found in close by in Belgium, leading many to believe that there is a strong terrorism network in the area.

“Through the Brussels attacks, it is the whole of Europe that is hit,” stated French President, François Hollande, who has vowed his undying support to the termination of terrorism in the area.