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Medtronic purchases company along with advanced blood clot removal technology

Medtronic purchases California-owned Lazarus Effect, obtaining cleaner and more efficient blood clot removal device in the buy

Medtronic PLC announced it had spent $100 million dollars to purchase Lazarus Effect, a California-based company that recently made headlines for its advanced equipment developed to assist those affected by acute ischemic stroke.

According to the Star Tribune, the equipment from Lazarus Effect known as the ReCover works with a Medtronic device named the Solitaire to remove blood clots caused by strokes, grabbing blood clots and wrapping them up “like a Halloween candy” in order to be cleanly removed.

The purchase is Medtronic’s eighth this year. Martin Dieck, co-founder, president, and CEO of Lazarus Effect, hopes that by handing the company over it will better assist the thousands who suffer from acute ischemic stroke each year.

“Medtronic has been a significant supporter of the recent clinical work showing improved outcomes of ischemic stroke patients treated with endovascular therapy,” said Dieck. “Their support of data driven clinical evidence and the success with their Solitaire stent retriever device make them the clear market leader for treating ischemic stroke.”

New industry guidelines by the American Heart Association recommend using devices such as the Solitaire or the ReCover along with drugs used to treat blood clots. Recent studies have also documented the benefits of patients who were currently using anti-blood clot drugs along with these devices.

Likewise, the ReCover would be able to reduce leaving behind clotted material, a flaw in other devices that increases the chances of ischemic stroke in a new region of the brain to 5.6 percent. ReCover’s wrapping before extracting procedure dropped this number down to 0.4 percent in tests.

“We look forward to working closely with Medtronic to bring this next generation platform forward to the benefit of future patients,” concluded Dieck.

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