American doctor who battled Ebola returns to Liberia to continue work

Dr. Rick Sacra has returned to Liberia multiple times to continue his mission work after surviving Ebola a year earlier

Many can remember the widespread panic of the notion that Ebola could make its way into the US when a doctor from Massachusetts returned from Africa with the disease after doing mission work in the country of Liberia. Many were relieved to learn he was cured of the life-threatening illness, and when the chaos was over the Ebola crisis in the United States faded away into obscurity.

While the panic has subsided, Dr. Rick Sacra’s mission to help others hasn’t. Valley News reports that Dr. Sacra will be returning to Liberia to continue his work.

“I’m doing fine, 100 percent,” said Sacra, explaining that Ebola was still a major health concern in a few African countries. Those in West Africa who have survived the disease still have major complications.

Survivors also include the loved ones that those who didn’t make it left behind.

“Of course I knew that I might die,” said Sacra. “It made me very aware of how grateful I am for every day I’m given. [But] some risks are worth taking.” He went on to highlight the plight of survivors and family members, as well as those who are now returning to hospitals with other ailments such as HIV and heart disease.

Surprisingly, this isn’t Dr. Sacra’s first trip back to Liberia after recovering from Ebola. In April and July he visited the mission hospital outside of the country’s capital of Monrovia. He plans to make the trip again come November.

“When Liberia is on its feet again and it doesn’t need help anymore, I’ll probably move on to someplace else. But as long as the needs are there and I can make a difference, I think I ought to keep doing it.”

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