Sheriff: We stand by deputy who shot puppy dog

A Florida deputy is facing death threats after shooting a dog.

A Florida sheriff says a deputy sheriff had few options but to shoot a Rottweiler about to attack during a routine call.

Footage recorded April 17 by Deputy Kerry Kempink’s body camera was released by the Pasco sheriff department on Thursday. The video reportedly shows the deputy attempting to scale a fence while responding to an alarm at a home north of Tampa, where he encountered the Rottweiler.

The video shows two dogs circling the deputy before one dog gets closer and the deputy fires his gun, injuring the dog. Kempink, after encountering the homeowner and having them request he kill the dog, fatally shoots the dog.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the deputy did the right thing and and no charges will be filed. Speaking Thursday, they said they would seek additional details on the incident, even as they department comes under intense media scrutiny and is receiving death threats.

While the homeowner said the dog was just a puppy and would not attack the deputy, the footage from the body can seems to show the deputy performing within his training.

The case is receiving a lot of attention after a series of controversial police shootings from around the country. The sheriff’s department says it is reviewing the incident, but noted the video is clear and they stand by the deputy and his action.

The video also comes as a heated debate over whether sheriffs and police officers should wear body cams. A number of police departments around the country have considered the measure as incidents of police shootings continue to rise. The body cams, which attach to a police officer’s uniform, allow the police officer to record interactions while responding to incidents. A number of civil rights groups have come out in opposition to the body cams, however, saying they infringe on individual rights.

Still as incidents continue to rise, lawmakers around the country are considering measures to make body cans mandatory.

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