5 Tech Tools to Help You Keep in Shape

Health is wealth. While it’s great to do everything yourself, technology can help make certain things more convenient. Find the right tech tools to help get the most out of your fitness. Here are 5 tech tools to help you keep in shape. 

Smart Hula Hoop

This is perfect for the ladies, especially for those that want to get that tightened waist. You’ll strengthen your core and add more muscle to your lower half. 

An Adjustable Stepping Machine

If you can’t get to the gym, this is a good portable machine to help you get some cardio. Also, you can work on your legs. It comes with resistance bands to make your stepping more challenging. 

Downloadable Fitness Tracker

When you’re constantly on the go, you need a fitness tracker to help you out. It helps you track your calories, workouts, water intakes, and even writing down your meals. Certain apps allow you to print these out so you have a physical form. Fitbit is a good choice when you’re taking your outside runs and want to challenge some of your friends for a fitness goal. 

Folding Exercise Bike 

Here’s another way to get your cardio down. Pick one with an LCD display. It’ll monitor your calories burned and your pulse. Also, you can have an iPod dock to play your music to help you lock into your workout.

Wireless Headphones

It’s annoying getting your headphones tied up in the middle of your run. Find some wireless ones that work well with your intense exercises. Also, you want wireless ones that are sweat-resistant, so they don’t easily slip off. Beats are a solid one.


6 Things to Look for in a Gaming Laptop

Gaming can be fun to do because you don’t need a lot of people around to have a good time. However, you want to keep up with the latest and greatest in video games. You need a laptop to handle those frames and sound effects. Here are 6 things to look at for a gaming laptop. 


If you’re just starting out, a 14-inch monitor would work just fine. However, if you’re more serious about it, an 18-inch monitor will enhance the gaming experience. 1080p is great for the resolution, but 4K is optimal for certain games that have a more life-like experience.

The Size and Weight

While you may think lighter is better, usually this lessens your experience. You want the ideal size to power up your games. Also, it’s important to have a good size to make it easy to handle while you’re traveling. 

Good Ports

It’s also important to have the right ports. Some games require a graphic card because of the enhanced effects. Do you have multiple USB ports? Not to mention, an HDMI cable would help if you plan to hook it up to a monitor or something. 


While it’s nice to have a great set of speakers for home, chances are you might be a person that travels. A quality gaming headset works wonders. Also, you want to hear all of the background noise depending on the game you’re playing. 


You need a good CPU to help you run the games at the optimal speed. When you experience slow down because your laptop can’t handle it, makes it hard to stay competitive in fast-paced games. 

External Hard Drive

Games take a lot of space. Your laptop may not be able to handle the installation directly on the hard drive. Also, you may have multiple updates. It’s better to have an external hard drive where you can store just your games. 


5 Great Parenting Apps

When it comes to parenting, building a close bond with your kids is a priority. There are a lot of things you have to do on your own to take care of your child. However, technology can help specific things easier. Here are 5 great parenting apps.

Baby Connect

Taking care of a newborn is like a 24/7 job that lasts for years. There’s so much that goes into it during the day that you may forget one simple thing that throws off everything. The app can help manage different aspects from the baby’s sleeping schedule, feedings, doctor appointments, diaper changes, and more. 


Do you need to find a babysitter or daycare? Maybe you need to find places for child-friendly things. This is the app to help you with the social aspect of your little one.


Not only do you need to manage the day-to-day things with your child, but there are also other important things to watch. Manage your baby’s budget for diapers, food, and clothing. Also, keep track of doctor dates and alert your closest relatives in case any emergencies happen.

Speech Blubs

When your kid is learning how to talk or needs help to put words together, this app helps them do it in different languages. There are various flashcards and programs to help make it easier to teach your child. 

Playfully Baby Development

A baby grows so much in their early years that every day seems like they change a bit. The app helps you keep track of their daily activity. You can watch them develop and you can take pictures to see the subtle changes in their habits. 


5 Clothing Items to Have for Your Tropical Vacation

Even in a hot climate, you can still be fashionable. It’s all about rocking the right clothing to match the setting. If you’re planning a destination to the islands, make sure you have good gear to complement the atmosphere. Here 5 clothing items to have for your next tropical getaway. 

Bright Colored Bikinis

You want to head down to the beach in style. Bright yellow, red, or green would be perfect for a day out on the water. 

Floppy Hats

Not only do these give you the whole old Hollywood star look, but they’re functional. You never know how harsh that sun will beam down on you. The brims can keep your face protected from the burning sun. 

Strappy Sandals

Whether you’re having brunch with your loved ones or dinner with your significant other, these are great footwear to have in your bag. These are versatile enough to rock for the whole day.

Printed Shorts

Have some formal print on your shorts to match the atmosphere. You’re on vacation, right? Well, this will get you in the mood and help you blend into the essence of the trip.

Lightweight Jacket

Even in a tropical climate, it may get a little chilly in the morning. Not to mention, you never know if it’ll rain. A light jacket is breathable and helps to protect you from the rain. 


5 Tips for Choosing the Right Women’s Workout Gear

Working out is an essential part of wellness. However, you don’t only want to have functional gear but it needs to be fashionable as well. When you look good and feel good in your workout clothes, that makes exercising so much better. Here are 5 tips for women to pick the right workout gear. 

Invest in a Good Sports Bra

You don’t have to go too expensive, but choose something that’s reasonably priced and holds your girls in place. Whether you’re running or lifting some weights, they may get in the way without the right support.

Go For Sleeveless

These don’t trap heat and sweat on your body. Not to mention, you’ll feel more mobile because you can move your arms freely while you do different exercises. 

Choose Good Sneakers

You can pick something both fashionable and functional. Have a nice design, but make sure they give your feet a good arch. Also, you want something that’s stable to wear and has tons of traction. If you’re hitting the track, you need that grip to keep you from slipping. 

Quality Fabric

Cotton, spandex, and elastic material are all great choices. Your body can breathe in these and you’ll be less prone to getting sweat stains in your gear. Also, certain workout clothes can make it easy to attach things like an iPod or something. It’ll make it better for your workout experience.

Invest in a Nice Workout Bag

In case you have to work earlier in the day, you want a good bag to fit all your clothes and even items like resistant bands to help make your workout more well-rounded. 


6 Tips to Help You Pick the Right Suit

Having a nice suit is one of the defining qualities of a man. There’s nothing like a well-made suit to go to the office or a formal gathering. There’s a certain power and style with rocking a quality suit. Here are 6 tips to help you choose the right one. 

Understand the Type of Suit

You have choices, such as slim fit, modern fit, and classic. If you’re someone who’s a bit tall and athletic, a slim-fit suit would work well with your body. A modern suit has a cool fit, but there’s some breathing room available. Classic is timeless. You can always wear it to work or somewhere formal with no issues.

Buying a Suit Online or Offline

If you’re buying online, make sure that you have your size down pat. You don’t want to make too many alterations. However, you can get a custom suit that fits your style. If you’re buying a suit at a place, it might be because you’re in a pinch. A higher-end menswear store would be your best bet to get the look you want given the choices provided. 

Know Your Budget

Whether it’s $200 or $2,000, be reasonable with your budget. Are you looking to buy off-rack? Maybe you want a fully custom bespoke piece? Remember, the fit is everything. A $200 suit that caters to your frame will look much better than a $2,000 Armani suit.

Function Over Fashion

Are you looking for something that will hold you down for a couple of wears or a couple of years? Also, think about the buttons. There are suits with 5 buttons. You want to pick somewhere between two or three buttons. 3 buttons are perfect if you’re taller and want a formal look. However, 2 buttons are fine for the average height. 

Having a Good Dress Shirt

Not only do you want a clean and well-fitting dress shirt, but it needs to match the suit. You can get black, blue, and gray, but white is best for versatility purposes. Whether you go with a power tie, a bold color, or something else, it’ll create a dynamic look for you.

Understand How to Accessorize

A good dress watch is perfect to go with a suit. If you’re doing more neutral tones, something like a nice gold will work well. A simple but classy stainless steel watch always works. Also, match your dress belt with your dress shoes. All of these elements can bring out the best in what you’re wearing.


5 Tips to Wear Your Makeup for An Office Setting

Makeup can be a great way to enhance your features. However, less is more when applying it in an office setting. Here are 5 tips to help you wear your makeup for an office setting. 

Clean Skin

Before you even really start getting your makeup together, good skincare is a necessity. A good exfoliator and moisturizer can help get your routine on point. A light-reflecting foundation can help even things out. Not to mention, you’ll keep a fresh look.

Make Your Eyes Pop a Bit

In the morning, you may have that sleepy look. It’s okay. We work long hours and have busy schedules outside of work. However, you don’t want to have the “evening” look. A natural eyeshadow color over your lids will do the trick. Keep it something like beige or light gray for a subtle look.

Choose a Neutral Color For Lipstick

Lipstick is a bit of a taboo in the office setting. However, it can be done tastefully. A nude or a neutral color works just fine. Remember, you’re not trying to draw too much attention, but you still want that appealing look. 

Add a Little Blush

A little highlighter and rosy touches are more than enough to add to your cheekbones. You can pack it in your purse and reapply when needed throughout the day.

Curling Your Lashes

This is a good technique to add more to the eye area. It brightens things up without having to apply so much mascara.


6 Everyday Fashion Tips for Women

Fashion is a daily thing whether you’re going to the store, heading to your local bar, or heading to the office. It shows off your style, your personality, and taste. Here are some everyday fashion tips for women. 

Invest in the Classics

Trench, leather, and denim jackets are timeless styles that help give you a cool look when you step out of the house. You should have at least one of these jackets for your outerwear. 

Get Some Red Pumps

Of course, you should have tons of black heels in your formal shoe game. However, a good red pair shows you’re adventurous. 

Understand Color Schemes

Yes, you may have drawn some color wheels in your kindergarten years. However, this comes in handy as you pair up your clothes. A couple of key colors in your outfit are all you need. Learn what looks best on you. 

Organize Your Closet Every Few Months

One, it’ll be easier to find clothing. Two, you can save time in the morning and evening when you go to put stuff on. Not to mention, you can throw things out that are either worn or don’t suit your style. You’d be surprised how much this makes your life run more efficiently. 

Have One Stand Out Animal Print Piece

Whether it’s a cool purse or a cheetah top, this can bring out a cool dynamic in your personal style. Pair it with the right jeans, boots, heels, or something and you’ve got a showstopper in your attire.

Have a Day and a Night Dress

This is perfect for trips. You can wear your floral dress in the morning to the beach or to brunch. Later on, you can put on your sequined dress for an evening engagement. It’s always good to have both so you’re ready for any occasion. 


5 Tips to Find the Right Women’s Necklace

A nice necklace adds a beautiful charm to your whole get-up. Whether you have an elegant or simple necklace, it’s important to pick something that suits your needs. Here are 5 tips to find the right women’s necklace. 

Measure Your Neck

First, you want to measure the circumference of your neck. This is important to help you decide whether you should go for a long necklace or something like a choker. 

Pick a Long Chain to Accentuate Your Collarbone

Something 18 inches and up is better for wider and longer necks. Also, don’t be afraid to add a pendant or a charm to the end of it.

A Shorter Chain Helps Put Emphasis on Your Neck

Maybe you have a nice evening dress with the neck area a bit open. A smaller and well-rounded necklace with an emblem will help to accentuate your neckline in an elegant manner. 

Think of Your Height

If you’re shorter, then pick a collar or choker-style necklace. If you’re taller, a longer necklace will look great on you to go with your height. 

Business Casual Is Great For A Longer Chain

If you’re in a dress shirt and a blazer, it’s okay to go with a 20-inch necklace. The style is a bit more laid-back but still professional. This can add a bit of style to go with your fit. 


5 Tips to Choose the Right Earrings

Earrings can be a great way to show off your style and elegance. Depending on the type of event, you want to select something that’s casual or classy. Here are 5 tips to help you pick the right earrings. 

Choose the Ones That Match Your Face

Maybe you have an oval-shaped face. Dangling earrings with a circular shape can help accentuate your look. A heart-shaped face would go with long earrings that have nice curves. 

Understand the Event 

If the event is more formal, pick something simple and classy like some small hoops. You can have a few diamonds or a nice gold vibe to it. If you’re going on a date or an evening out with your girls, you can get some fun earrings to help show off your outgoing personality. 

Coordinate With Your Outfit

Be careful with how you match your earrings to your outfit. It’s very easy to do too much and everything looks completely off. If you’re going with a blue, green, or white shirt, find colors that highlight the shade. 

Pick Something That’s Your Personal Flavor

The most expensive earrings are great, but it doesn’t mean anything if that’s something you don’t enjoy. Even a $20 pair of earrings will look great on your if it matches your personality. 

Select Earrings That Go With Your Hair

If you have lighter hair, gold earrings may work well. If your hair is dark brown or black, then platinum may be more flattering. Red hair is a bit of a toss-up but rose gold can complement it well.