5 Cool Hats You Wish Would Make a Comeback

Hats have always been a staple for style for centuries. It’s one of those accessories that just fit the wearer for different occasions. Think about how it works well with your personal taste. Here are 5 cool hats you wish would make a comeback.


These became popular after World War I. The meaning of the word is “bell” in French. It was made specifically tailored for a woman’s head. All of the embellishments added an elegant style.

Stetson Hats

It has a basic structure, but a clean feel that kept you cool in different types of weather. It’s made to resist the sun, wind, and rain. 

Flat Caps

While these were a thing of the 19th century (especially with newsboys), they have their pockets in different places of history. Even in the Hip-Hop world, they were a staple during the 1980s and 1990s. 

Panama Hats

These were popular in South America where the climate is more tropical. Not only were presidents like Teddy Roosevelt sporting these, but world travelers and athletes as well. They’re lightweight and great for keeping the sun at bay.

Top Hats

These were a symbol of wealth and power. It had a simple design but the luxury comes in the materials from the silk, beaver, and other animal furs that encompass the hat. It’ll add a nice flair to your Sunday’s best.  


6 Popular Men’s Hairdos

Men’s hairstyles have evolved throughout the year from the caesar to the fade. There a lot of great haircuts out there to help you find a unique style. Take a look at 6 popular men’s haircuts.

Textured Crop

This is one you’ll find commonly in younger adults. It’s easy to style, looks sharp, and has a bit of definition on the top to give you that edge. You’re able to leave your hair on top as is or use a pomade to style it.


This is a sleeker version of the quiff haircut. This has been around for over 100 years but Elvis Presley and greasers made this popular in the 1950s. It’s a classic bad boy look but has some definition to it. You can get the sides cut down very low to a skinned look and use spray or wax to come the top backward for a richer feel.



This is more of a traditional look for punk rockers with the head mainly shaved but kept spiked up top down to the middle of the back of the head. There are different variations such as the faux hawk, which has the same concept but it’s kept low on the sides instead of completely shaven. Also, there’s the South of France aka the burst fade. This is more popular amongst African-Americans and Latinos. It features a unique fade around the ear that goes from a lighter to a skin fade with a cool contrast effect. You could wear the top and back of the hair in twists or curls. 

Crew Cut

Here’s a military cut that is a standard cut these days. You can have the top a couple of inches but the sides and the back shaved. It evolved into the fade haircut, which became really popular in the 1980s. Some people like to add parts from the slant and half-moon to add a cool addition and contrast. 

Curly Taper

If you have curly hair, this is the perfect style to rock. You can have your hair with a controlled curly look, but get it lined up for a cleaner look. Add a taper to the sides and the back of your hair around the neckline for a crispy finish. 

Man Bun

There are a lot of things you can do with this haircut. Some people like to have a ponytail with a high skin fade. Also, you may want to braid your hair or twist up your dreadlocks for a unique updo that shows off some dynamic vibes.


6 Iconic Shoes of All Time

There’s nothing like having a good pair of shoes. Some people get dressed from the shoes on up. A quality piece of footwear shows off your personality more than you know. Here are 6 iconic shoes of all time.

Christian Louboutin Red Soled Pump

These are famously known as “red bottoms.” The inspiration was red nail polish. Louboutin saw a lady painting her nails and took the bottle. He painted the heels red and knew he had something stellar on his hands.

Dr. Martens

Doc Martens captured the essence of the grunge movement in the 1990s. Even Hip-Hop people wore them because they made cool rainboots and they were available in different colorways. These are coming back in style because it’s a staple of 90s fashion.

Jimmy Choos

Whether you’re royalty, a celebrity, or just the everyday person who enjoys nice shoes for a formal gathering, you can’t go wrong with a classy pair of Jimmy Choos.

Cowboy Boots

This is more of a country thing when it comes to going out to the bar, a NASCAR race, or something else. However, celebrities like Jessica Simpson and John Travolta made them even more popular to rock due to their notoriety in pop culture.

Ankle Boots

This is a subtle fashion statement that’s perfect for wearing with a nice pair of jeans, your favorite skirt, or a dress for a night out on the town.

Air Jordans

When it comes to sneakers, these are the ultimate ones that both sports and sneaker collectors look for regularly. Collectors are willing to shell out thousands of dollars to find that rare pair of Js. One of the most expensive Jordans sold was a pair of Air Jordan 12 Flu Game, which were game-worn and autographed. Jordan personally handed them and autographed them to Delta Center ball boy Preston Truman. Truman later auctioned these off for a staggering $104,765 price point! 


5 Eccentric Japanese Fashion Trends

If you’ve ever seen a Japanese movie or an anime, you’d know that the Japanese go all in for whatever fashion they enjoy. They hold no punches when displaying their personal style. With that being said, here are 5 eccentric Japanese fashion trends.


This certainly has a doll-like motif to it. The interesting thing is it doesn’t just have the pretty feature, but there’s a gothic and punk element as well that’ll add a unique dynamic. 


While it’s common to collect stuffed animals, it’s a different vibe to dress like one. This is a street-style trend that’s caught on with friends going out as a group. You’ll even see some music bands perform in this type of costume. 


This is an extension of supporting your favorite character from a manga or anime. You’ll see this a lot at different anime conventions not just in Japan, but all over the globe. This became huge in the United States after the anime craze hit in the late 90s and the early 2000s. 


You’ll find that a lot of teens and young adults still like to dress up in the short-skirt and bulky socks for a schoolgirl look. This is very popular in Harajuku, which is a fashion district in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.


This is a retro feel that goes back to the 1950s greasers look with the hair, blue jeans, and the leather jacket.


6 Fashion Trends That Should Come Back in Style

What goes around, comes around. There are some fashions from different decades that have a new school twist these days. A trend can easily become timeless with the right persuasion. Here are 6 fashion trends that should come back in style. 


These were such a 90s thing, but they can be classy with the right metal and look for different engagements.

Halter Tops

Pairing a halter top with the right denim can give a simple yet stylish look that’s perfect for your daily walks, errands, and more.

Guess Jeans

When it came to high fashion like 30-35 years ago, you couldn’t get any cooler than a mean pair of Guess jeans. From the fit of them to the simple but well-known upside-down triangle logo on the butt, these were the jeans to keep you in the cool pack. If you have some vintage Guess jeans somewhere that still fit, guaranteed you’ll get some double-takes when you sport them.


To some people, they may be a bit ugly. However, these were very useful to the active woman. Whether they were working out or playing sports, you can conveniently keep your hair in place without worrying about it smacking your face.

Track Jackets

These will never go out of style for a cool and casual look. Whether you’re rocking a Nike or Adidas track outfit, pairing them up with matching shoes is always a nice touch. 


Whether you wear both straps or add a touch of flavor with the one strap, these not only add style to your favorite shirt, but it’s convenient because of the pocket space. It serves a double purpose.


5 Fashion Styles from the 1970s

Fashion was a huge thing in the 1970s. Coming from such a political standpoint in the 60s, people wanted to enjoy the 1970s in style and fun. Here are 5 fashion statements from the 1970s. 


While it symbolized Black pride, this was a unique style that other cultures also adopted as well when going out. 

Platform Shoes

Men and women both sported these and they were the club/party shoe to have on your feet.

High Waisted Jeans

Whether you’re out and about with friends or going to a gathering, these were the ideal jeans to sport to give you that “fitted” look.

Leg Warmers

While this started in the 1970s, this made an even bigger impact in the 1980s with the exercise and dance craze. 

Hot Pants

This became a time of feminism. Women were not afraid to show off their bodies in a strong manner. Hot pants were another item to help women flaunt with style. 


6 Best Fashion Styles in the 1980s

The 1980s were definitely the experimental age. There were are a lot of items and styles that created a unique fashion sense that just fit the time. Here are some of the 6 best fashion styles from that time period. 


These were the must-have sunglasses at the time. The popularity carried on into the 1990s and even the early 2000s. 


Not only were these a comfortable shoe to rock, but these were popular amongst skaters who need that nice low-top and high-top canvas shoe. Shoutout to the movie “Rad” that put an even bigger stamp on Vans with the extreme sports theme.

Huge Earrings

Whether it was the big hoop or bamboo earrings, this was a mainstay for accessories, especially in women. 


Neon was also a big thing because people were huge fans of different colors and pastels that made them stand out. 

Swatch Watches

The bold colors and the zappy graphics matched up perfectly to the style of the 1980s. Kids loved these timepieces and they were a hit with friends at school.


This was such a popular brand for teens and young adults. It was one thing to have the jeans but if you had the jacket to go with it, you were styling.  


5 Hair Care Myths That You Still Think Are Relevant

Part of having style is having the right hairdo to match your face and personality. It’s important to keep your hair healthy as much as possible. There are certain myths that are a bit archaic or may not be true due to trial and error. Here are 5 hair care myths you may believe are still relevant for today.

Cutting Your Hair Makes it Grow Faster

Split ends are things that just don’t look appealing. The thing is when you trim the ends, it doesn’t affect the growth because the roots are where the magic happens. However, you’ll have a healthier appearance by getting rid of the mess, which makes it better for hair styling.

Hair Color Damages Your Hair

This is actually a half-truth. Bleaching your hair a light color can actually be damaging if you don’t have the proper hair care regimen. However, a darker color may fill in your porous hair for a stronger look. This is great for your casual gatherings as well as your business days.

The More You Brush, The Healthier Your Hair

This is not entirely true. Overdoing it can lead to breakage. However, the right amount of brushing when your hair is dry can help increase blood flow, which is good for building more nutrients. 

Dry Shampoo Keeps Your Hair Clean in Between Washes

Not necessarily. After a few days, the buildup kicks in. However, if you’re in a pinch and want to extend your style for a day, it’s a good idea to use dry shampoo. It’s a good method of keeping a fresh look on your busy days before a thorough hair wash. 

Air Drying Is the Best Method

This method actually makes your hair stay in a swollen state, which can weaken your hair follicles. Your best option is to use a hairdryer that helps you control the level of heat to something more sustainable so that you’re not breaking down hair protein.


6 Hygiene Tips for Men’s Everyday Style

Style is not only about putting the right outfit on but making sure your hygiene is correct each and every day. Keeping a clean appearance is such an important aspect of maintaining a great motif. Here are 6 hygiene tips for men’s everyday style. 

Wear Undershirts

This is a symbol method to keep your main clothes cleaner. Not to mention, it’ll keep you a little warmer on chilly days by having an underlayer.

A Nice Haircut

There’s nothing like having that clean-cut to have a refreshed look. Also, trimming up your facial hair will add more to your overall appearance. It’s perfect for a look both professionally and personally. 

Use Conditioner Wisely

You’ll have a softer bounce in your hair. Not to mention, it’ll smell good to the ladies.

Get a Tongue Scraper

Bad breath is something that should be dealt with first in the morning. Along with brushing your teeth, rinsing your mouth with mouthwash, you should also get a tongue scraper to get rid of bacteria.

File Your Nails

Keep your nails clean and trim. Also, file them to keep the shape. This is a must not only for appearances but to attract women. Women tend to favor guys with short and clean fingernails. 

A Safety Razor Comes in Handy

If you’re prone to razor bumps or you just have some sensitive skin, a safety razor can help you keep the irritation down. When you’re more confident in your look, it’ll help you better interact with others. 


6 Stylish Looks From Former Presidents

Just because Presidents have a tough job of keeping the country together, doesn’t mean they have to ditch style. They can still pull off a flattering look even when they’re handling business. Here are 6 stylish looks from former presidents.

Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Army Jacket

General Eisenhower was not fond of the long field jackets. He created a look that was short and comfortable. As a result, the army and the police adopted the look.

John F. Kennedy’s Two-Button Suit Jacket

This was a cool look that combined formal with comfortable. It had a unique flair that showed a bit of the charisma that JFK stylized.

Barack Obama’s Tan Suit

The lighter color was a bit eccentric compared to the darker colors you’d expect from a president. But he pulled it off well. Forget the haters. 

Abraham Lincoln’s Beard

Lincoln had sort of a gaunt look on his face due to his ailments throughout his life. To enhance his look, he took the advice of an 11-year old named Grace Bedell to grow “whiskers.” He took it a step further and grew his iconic beard. 

Teddy Roosevelt’s Mustache

This was a sign of the times. Around those years, having an epic mustache was king.

William Howard Taft’s Fur-Lined Overcoat

Taft was a big guy. The overcoat complemented his size and gave him a bit of extra edge.