5 Interesting Facts About Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton is one of the founding fathers and on the $10 bill. But what do we really know about the guy? Here are 5 interesting facts about Alexander Hamilton. 

He Dropped Out of College to Join the Revolutionary War

Hamilton made the trip to the mainland to get an education. He wanted to go to Princeton but was rejected. However, he got accepted to Columbia University (known then as King’s College) in Manhattan in 1773. He had the hunger and the mental fortitude to excel. However, he also wanted to make his mark in the revolution at the time. At just 20 years old, he dropped out of college and formed his own militia of 25 men.

Self-Made Man

He didn’t have the best childhood in the Caribbean. His father abandoned his family when Hamilton was 9, and his mother died from an illness just a few years later. However, he didn’t let this stop his future. He became self-educated and distinguished in his own right.

Before He Was 30, He Created the Bank of New York

Hamilton had a penchant for fiscal policies. His financial literacy was up there. It’s not surprising that he’s on the $10 bill. He founded the Bank of New York before he turned 30. It lasted for over two centuries closing in 2007.

He Penned Over Half of the 85 Federalist Papers

In 1787, Hamilton had a mission to defend the U.S. Constitution. Along with John Jay and James Madison, they wrote 85 “Federalist Papers.” Hamilton wrote 51 under a pseudonym called, “Publius.”

The New York Post Was Created By Hamilton

While Hamilton was great in the world of finance, he was also a prolific writer. He created The New York Post in 1801. Over two centuries later, the newspaper is still cranking in printed and electronic form. Talk about a guy who knew the value of creating something that lasts. 



5 Things You May Not Have Known About Nikola Tesla

While we know Tesla for creating the alternating current motor, there are still some things less-known about the inventor. He had quite an interesting life. Here are some things you may not have known about Nikola Tesla.

He Wanted to Power the World With Niagara Falls

There’s something to this story. There are statues of Tesla on both the American and Canadian sides of Niagara Falls. Why? Well, Tesla was amazed when he first saw the water. He wanted to create a power giant wheel under Niagara Falls and use it to power the world. Still, he made breakthroughs in electricity and his building of the world’s first hydroelectric power plant was nearby.

He Died Pennilessly

Even with all of his inventions and the brilliant mind behind them, he still had financial difficulty. He created his inventions just for the sake of bettering humanity.  He didn’t care about accumulating wealth. Unfortunately, the lack of capital limited what he could do to help his experiments. 

Some of His Inventions Are Still Government Classified

Apparently, he created a death beam during World War II. There are tons of inventions that the U.S. still has locked up from Tesla’s materials. 

Tesla Did Not Like Pearls

While most geniuses have their idiosyncrasies, this is certainly eccentric. He would actually refuse to speak with a woman that was wearing pearls. Apparently, he made one of his secretaries that was wearing a new set of pearls go home. 

He Believed in Aliens

Not only did he believe in them, but he also claimed to receive signals from them on his radio. He couldn’t trace them but said aliens sent him messages.                              


5 Benefits of Daily Meditation

While we know meditation helps to soothe the mind and relieve stress, there are many advantages to doing this daily. It’s a skill that you develop more with time. Here are 5 benefits of daily meditation.

Can Help You Control Anxiety

If you’re going through a stressful moment, meditation is good therapy to help you put that energy into something positive. Daily meditation can increase your mental and emotional wellness.

Increases Your Self-Awareness

You get more in tune with your body. This can apply to critical thinking and being able to solve challenges at the moment.

Can Improve Your Sleep

Insomnia is something that everyone goes through at one point in their life. Meditation can help you relax your mind and soothe your body to the point where it’ll be easier to sleep. Not only will you fall to sleep easier, but you’ll have better sleep to rejuvenate you.

A Better Attention Span

Prolonged meditation helps to build focus. You can apply that same level of concentration in your studies or getting a project done for work. 

You Can Meditate Anywhere

All you need is a quiet space where you can calm your thoughts. It doesn’t matter if it’s a room, outside, or an open space. Additionally, you can schedule it for as long or as short as you want to fit in your busy schedule. 


6 Benefits of Running

Running is one of the most basic exercises that have a host of benefits. Sure, it’s great for your cardiovascular health, but there are other advantages. Here are 6 benefits of running. 

Better Mood

When you get into your stride while running, you release endorphins. Some call it a “runner’s high.” It’s a good way to start your day because you get the energy going in your body.

Improves Your Heart Health

Running has a certain intensity to it that helps your body regulate its heart rate. You’ll have a naturally lower resting heart rate, which is a good indicator of your overall health. Running can help prevent heart disease and other ailments. 

It Doesn’t Cost You Anything

While it may be convenient to go on a treadmill or elliptical at a gym, this is a monthly fee you’ll pay. Running outside is free and it gets you some fresh air. Not to mention, sun exposure is beneficial to you as well. 

Develops a Strong Lower Half

When you’re running, your core and legs are at work. Running after a few months can really help you develop leaner abs and muscular legs. You’ll have more stamina for intense activities.

Great Stress Reliever

When you’re having a bad day, just go for a run. You’ll be able to clear your mind from stressful thoughts. It’s a positive outlet to get rid of frustrations.

You Can Do It Whenever You Feel Like It

If you have an hour-long lunch, just go for a 15-20 minute run. You don’t need to create a tight schedule to go for a quick run to help you get out of your routine. It’s perfect to break up the monotony of the day.


6 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

When it comes to the body, it’s about balancing out your calories with the right food and drink. Intermittent fasting helps to keep you on a schedule to maximize fat burning. Here are 6 benefits of intermittent fasting.

Can Reduce Insulin Resistance

It’ll help regulate your blood sugar. Extended intermittent fasting can help someone with prediabetes overcome the disease. 

Helps You Lose Weight

It’ll help you control your eating by putting it in a tighter window. When you have a smaller eating window, you’ll normally have fewer meals. 

Alleviates Inflammatory Issues

When your body has time to digest food and you’re not overeating, this allows the body to detox a bit. Also, you tend to drink more water to compensate for not eating while you’re fasting. It’ll help you flush out free radicals and other toxins in your system. 

Helps You Slow Down Your Aging

Fasting produces beta-hydroxybutyrate, which is a ketone that helps you multiply your youthful cells. Your body goes into ketosis, which happens after fasting for a while, and the excess glucose runs out. Over time, you’ll be able to replace the older cells with youthful cells. 

Improves Mental Clarity

Many people say that the next morning they feel a sense of clarity after intermittent fasting. Seeing as the body isn’t worried about digesting food, the brain releases more hormones to help you focus on your job task or schoolwork.

Increases Energy

Since the body is in a fat-burning state, this actually translates to the body using energy. It’s perfect when you’re working out or moving around. Just make sure to have some water to help you stay hydrated. 


5 Amazing Facts About Amelia Earhart

This woman was a straight-up daredevil. She was a brave spirit that accomplished so much in her short time here. She defied many odds and really showed how women could be courageous and full of adventure in a time where that wasn’t really possible. Here are 5 amazing facts about Amelia Earhart. 

She Loved Adventure at a Young Age

When she went to St. Louis as a young child, she saw a rollercoaster and was immediately intrigued by it. She loved the height and speed of it, so she and her uncle built a rollercoaster-like contraption on the roof of her family’s shed. She went down the ramp on a wooden box. Even when she busted her lip and tore her dress, she described the experience “like flying.”

She Went All Out for Women’s Rights

The bloomer (pants) wearing daredevil was one of the first gun-ho supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment in regards to women being treated fairly. 

She Paid for Her Flight Lessons By Herself

Amelia wasn’t afraid of hard work. Earhart and her father visited an airfield in Long Beach, California in 1920. She went on a flight with a pilot named Frank Hawks. When she was a few hundred feet off the ground, she knew flying was her calling. In order to pay for flight lessons, she was a truck driver, stenographer, and photographer. 

She Flew Alone

All those trips she took across the ocean, she did it by herself. By 1932, she was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She was quite ambitious because the next trip she became the first person to fly across the Atlantic and the Pacific. 

Her Bones May Have Been Found

In 1940, Dr. D.W. Hoodless examined some bones that were found on the remote island of Nikumaroro in the South Pacific. He concluded that they were bones of a man after a number of experiments. However, in 2018, the University of Tennessee revealed new information that the bones actually belonged to Earhart. The study reported that the bones have more similarity to Earhart than 99% of individuals. Professor Richard Jantz reexamined the bones with modern techniques and determined that Hoodless was wrong. The consistency of the bones and her going missing on Nikumaroro all make it pretty clear that those are almost for certain Amelia’s remains. 


5 Great Sports Bars to Enjoy in Seattle

It’s nice to kick back with a couple of local brews and watch your favorite sport after a long week. Seattle has some nice bars to check out for your weekly vibe. Here are 5 great sports bars to visit in Seattle. 


You can’t go wrong with a sports bar called “Xtadium.” This sports lounge not only has big screens for the games but sometimes they have Xbox stations to play things like Madden and NBA Live. When it’s not game day, they have the lounge open for dancing from Thursday-Saturday. Get a few cocktails and take in the nightlife. 

Tapster Seattle

If you love a good brew, you’ll love this place. This is Seattle’s first self-pour tasting bar not just for beer, but wine, cedar, kombucha, coffee, and soda. Visit the spot to try some local favorites. 

Towne Pub

With the private dining and viewing booths, you can make it a nice intimate event with friends. Enjoy your section while you have a good meal and some drinks. If you don’t want to watch the game on a Thursday, the open mic comedy night is pretty entertaining as well.

The Atlantic Crossing

This is the premier bar in Seattle for soccer fans. Sure, they support Seattle teams period. However, English Premier League, World Cup, and other major soccer events take precedence here. 

Ballard Loft

Need a night out but don’t want to go to the club? Ballard Loft is perfect for not only watching games but playing them. Have a round of pool with the fellas.  This is an Irish pub, so the beers on tap are excellent as well. This is the spot you want to go to kick back and relax. 


5 Cool Sports Bars to Watch a Game in Boston

Some days you just want to sit with a few buddies and catch an intense sports match on the screen. A few beers and a couple of shots and it’ll turn the sports match into something action-packed. Here are 5 cool sports bars to enjoy in Boston. 

Bleacher Bar

Here’s a spot right inside the park home run with great sandwiches and a nice view of a Boston Red Sox game. The cheesy bacon fries and a brew will get you right for any sports game you want to watch.

Parlor Sports

It isn’t just great for sports, but it’s an amazing bar in general. The classic cocktails and local craft brew are amazing. You’ll love the great finger foods from the chicken strips, sweet and sour pork nachos, and more 

Slades Bar and Grill

While you can watch sports here, this is a great live music bar as well. The food is incredible. It has that down-home cooking from the fried catfish, sweet potatoes, baked mac-n-cheese, etc. 

Buff’s Pub

Check out this pub with no frills. You come here for the beers, cocktails, and wings. Of course, Boston is a wing city but these wings have a huge reputation for their juicy and crispy flavor. 

Cask ‘n Flagon

ESPN voted this spot as the top baseball bar in the nation. The Cask burger is fully loaded with Angus beef, pork belly, barbecue sauce, Vermont cheddar cheese, and a fried egg. Talk about a mouthwatering meal. 


5 Ideal Spots to Ride Your Bike in Seattle

Seattle is another pleasant city to ride your bike. Even though the weather tends to be overcast, it still provides a great scene for you to enjoy a nice ride through a trail or the city. Here are 5 ideal spots for you to enjoy a bike ride in Seattle.

Seward Park Loop

Here’s something a bit short and sweet. It’s just over 2.5 miles for the bike length and it can get a little crowded. However, it’s a mellow flat ride that allows you to have a chill and relaxed ride. 

Burke-Gilman Trail

Here’s one that’s perfect for early morning or late evening outings. This trail stretches out 30 miles. If you need a break in between, you can check out Gas Works to watch the boats sailing in Lake Union. Catch a breather before you go on the rest of your bike trail. 

Chief Sealth Trail

If you enjoy a bit of adventure, this trail has tons of hills. Just make sure you’re at least an immediate bike rider to help you deal with the curves on the trail. It’s only 3.6 miles but can be a little challenging. 

Alki Beach Park

Whether you want to lounge at the beach or bike around, here’s a cool spot to check out. When you’re done riding, enjoy Spud Fish and Chips for a nice treat. 

Peddler Brewing Company

Here’s a one-of-a-kind bicycle brewery. Yup, bikes at a brewery. It’s also child and dog-friendly where you can take them to the beer garden. Get some friends and family and make this a nice gathering for you and your loved ones. 


5 Places to Ride Your Bike in Boston

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a nice bike ride on a relaxing summer evening. The weather cools down and you can clear your thoughts. Here are 5 places to take a bike ride in Boston. 

Southwest Corridor Park

Here’s a cool spot to enjoy a good bike ride. Make sure that you follow the bike path because pedestrians love to walk in this park (including kids).

Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center

Not only do you get a nice view of some downtown action, but it looks great at night. There are free bikes to use to help you discover more of the city. 

Charles River Greenway

Sometimes you need more natural scenery to help you appreciate your bike. The vegetation and animals in the area make it more peaceful to ride your bike along this amazing pathway.

M Street Beach

If you want a bit of daytime action, the beach is certainly a fun place to go. There’s room on the boardwalk for you to ride your bike and get some nice views of the beach. Also, you can ride to your favorite shop to get a souvenir or a quick bite to eat. 

Assabet River Trail

Here’s another nice trail that you can enjoy. If you have a find a cool summer day, it’s not a bad idea to go on the 20-mile loop path for some intense exercise. It’s perfect if you’re training for a marathon.