About Us

Based in Washington, D.C., KPR Media leadership has worked over the last decade to generate millions of dollars in revenue for our business partners in the digital ad space. Founded in 2009, we have built an ad consulting and content creation business over the years in conjunction with advertisers, publishers, and software developers. Started as a news-focused organization, we have waded through the digital ad space as both advertisers and publishers.

With 50 million readers over the years and with ad impressions in the billions, KPR Media is headquartered in the nation’s capital, where we are a trusted provider of viewable, high-impact online advertising solutions.

Ethics All editorial content is ours and ours alone. It represents the point of view of the individual writer rather KPR Media writers strive in their professional capacity to provide the most accurate news and information.

Mission The success of our clients is our mission. If you are interested in growing or creating a new ad and content network, please contact us.